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[Youtube channel] I make stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

idk how to set this up so I'm just going to ramble about my channel for a bit.

I do song loops, toribash videos and occasionally lyric videos

most of my subs are from my loops (people love the dank loops) I'm still semi-active (I post once a month at least) and I'm still
learning. Toribash has been my quickest way to create content but I've been experimenting with other games/footages so stick around for that.
I'm also aiming to improve my editing a lot and hopefully find a job that is in this area of work. That's it about my channel,
hope ya'll enjoy it! here's some of my personal favourite videos from my channel!

send me replays for my channel pls

consider subscribing to keep me motivated <3

Latest video!

(The Last Dinosaurs - Apollo (500 sub special)) I'm still bad at making these so please bare with me

([TB] - La La La) A+ for extra effort while editing this

(Steven Universe - Love Like You (super mega extended version)) reason why my channel is still alive lmao

(surfing~) will do more soon

contact me!
✆ Skype: DJYap_
✆ Discord: DJYap#9544
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