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Market FAQ
Market FAQ

Toribash's Market Squad have compiled a list below of frequently asked questions related to the Market. We hope this will help you find a quick answer to any questions you may have. If this isn't sufficient please feel free to drop one of us a PM or refer to the Market Rules. You can find a full list of Market Squad members here.

General Inquiries
Scam Inquiries
Item Inquiries
Art Inquiries

General Inquiries:

How do I know if my thread breaks the rules?

Fear not sweet prince, we've compiled the Examples Thread Megalist just for that reason! This thread should answer any and all questions you may have about making a market thread. If for some reason it doesn't, feel free to PM a Market Squad member for a check-over; we'd be happy to look at your thread before you post it!

Who are the current Market Squad members?

The current Market Squad members can be found in the Market Staff FAQ thread.
Feel free to PM any of them with any market-related questions; they'd be happy to assist you!

Where and how can I sell my account?

Account sales are strictly prohibited and result in an automatic ban for both the buyer and the seller.

Is it possible to buy items without Qi?

You can acquire No-Qi packs from other users on the market or buy them in the ToriShop.

How do I legally bump my thread?

There currently aren't any restrictions on bumping your thread. Bump as much as you like!

Can I be a Market Squad member?

If you think you'd be good Market Squad member, you can send your application by messaging any of Market Squad members with it. The current Market Squad members can be found in the Market Staff FAQ thread.


When do the restocks happen?

The restocks take place on the very first day of each month at 3 PM Greenwich Meantime. Not all items get restocked, only some selected ones that the Torishop admins consider essential to keep the market running.

What do I do when an item's out of stock?

On the first of every month the ToriShop is restocked. The exact quantity of each restock varies from item to item. If the item is sold out you can check Market or make a thread on the Items board buying whatever item(s) you want.
You can also try the #market on our Toribash Discord; it's a great place to negotiate with other users.

Scam Inquiries:

What do I do in the case of a scam?

Make a thread on the Scam Report Board. Make sure to include all relevant information. This includes; who scammed you, what you lost, and most importantly proof of the scam. If you do not have proof that you were scammed then there is nothing we can do. Please remember to read Scam Reports board rules before posting.

Why is the Scam Reports board empty?

The Scam Reports board has been reworked so that only the original poster can view his/her thread. You cannot view anyone else's thread and nobody else can view yours, except for moderators.
So that means you can still create threads and report things as you could before. The only difference is that you cannot put your nose in other people's business unless we ask you to.
If you have any information regarding a scam case, even if you do not know if there is a thread about it, we encourage you to send a PM to any Market Squad member. You can find a full list of Market Squad members here.

Item Inquiries:

Where can I go to find the value of my item/artwork?

The best place to find the value of items is the Price Check Megathread. You can also try the #market on our Toribash Discord.

Art Inquiries:

Can I use images I found on the internet in my artwork?

As long as you credit every source and do not claim the image as your own, yes. Remember that it doesn't apply to textures used by other Toribash players which also can be found on the internet.
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