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[REL] Python-Bot PushNotification for Globals

Hey TB community
While I was doing my shady stuff on the forum I've noticed many Events require in-game presence at the right time. (no shit Sherlock)

That means you must join an in-game room when the ES is hosting that event.

What happens when an ES is hosting? Usually, before starting the event those friendly guys send an in-game broadcast also known as globals.

Well ok, but what happens if you're not in-game at that time? You lose the event hehehe that's what happens

Pretty sad huh?

That's why i've made this little Python bot

What does the bot do?

Let's start from what does PushBullet do, which is the "core" of this bot.

PushPullet it's an app you can download in your PC (Mac and Windows), on your phone, or add as extension for your browser.

His job is to send push notifications (no shit sherlock pt.2) like the ones that come from games like clash of clans when a building is ready.
His main role is to send you a notification when a task is completed.

PushBullet pic & download

Well ok, nice app but how can this help me join the events wtf man?

Smart guys already got it.

What does the bot do is sending you one of those push notification when a new global is sent.

Here are some pics of what it looks like when somebody sends a global:



How to get it to work?

Just download PushBullet on your device and then click HERE.

The link will bring you to the pushbullet channel page. All you have to do is hit the FOLLOW button.

That's pretty much it... the thread is marked as WIP beacouse i'm setting up the VPS for the bot to run but it's already tested and it works like a charm

In a day or two (based on my free time) the channel will be up and working.


Hope you enjoy it!!! Byeeaaaa

for nerds

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