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Hello all.
For those who still don't know me, I'm Wolf; been here since January this year.
I'm brazilian, and also leader of the Brazilian Toribash Organization. I'm 14. My real name is Matheus.
Where to find me in the forums? Wibbles, Addicted clan board(now that i joined it), market, and somewhere else...
Recently joined the clan [Addicted] - I love to play multiplayer and it's quite easy to find me in-game, everyday, too!
Well that's it - just saying hello, and saying a little bit more about myself ;)
Originally Posted by War_Hero
It seems that it wasn't quite clear that this was for new people to introduce themselves. So, don't make introduction threads if you aren't new.

^ That.
As you can see here, War_Hero said he considers a guy who joined at feb this year pretty new. Since i'm just 1 month older, i thought there wouldn't be any problems.
so... the point of this sub forum or whatever is to... have poeple introduce themselves? if so, then im hewhoeats. hullo.
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Hewhoeats: No.

WolfBR: Yes, but its an older thread. It was made before the rule.
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Aye, you've had time to make 700 posts. Closed.
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