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Buying a gaming computer
Not sure what to post in this section but I myswell try.

Anyways, I am looking into buying a custom made gaming computer and want to know what kind of specs I should get if I want to play mostly all games like far cry 2 ect.

I don't want anything too fancy, but just good enough to run a decent game with no lag.

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What's your price range, and where do you live? (find the best deals for you etc)
Not so sure about alienware. They're good but overly exposed for a gaming company.

Try ibuypower

Or ya, build your own.
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alienware is expensive as shit.

Building your own is always the best bet (most for your money), if you can't (it's incredibly easy, things just plug in to other things etc) then as chris said just get a company to build it for you. I'm not too sure on any good Canadian computer builders / parts stores but there's bound to be some people that do. :>
I agree with Blam, building a computer is amazingly cheap. And if you don't know how, find someone who does.
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I do have my shitty dell laptop that i'm using, and even though it has a mobility radeon 9000 it can run all the games I want but it overheats so I might build a little stand thing for it with like 3 fans underneath it.

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holy fuc* ibuypower is fucken cheap the 1 of 575$ (
is only R4600 in south africa
and its fully upgradeble
it comes with a core 2 due 3.1GHZ and it is'nt bad
4gb ram
and a 9800GT 1gb

its a nice pc u can get better tho i will work out a price based on ibuypower i will try to keep it under 700$