My next computer would probably be from ibuypower if I don't build it myself (aka chicken out)

Alienware is like Bose. They are well marketed and are probably the best known, but, even though they are good, they are also really overpriced.
Just comparing specs.

BTW does a case make much of a difference other than looks?
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A case might have bigger fan vents, but apart from that, i cant think of anything else it could affect, apart from more holes = more ventilation
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But the 285gtx (at least the one I have) is DX11 compatible. I'm still not going to ever change over to ati because then I'd have to buy a new motherboard too... and download new drivers... it sucks to download stuff for me.

You'd have to buy a new motherboard Why?

Unless you want to do crossfire, every motherboard with a PCI-Express 16x slot should be able to support a single ATI GPU.
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Well no, the 285gtx does not support DirectX 11 (it supports DirectX 10 only, and maybe DirectX 10.1). Currently, only the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series support Direct X 11. If you want a DirectX 11 supported GPU from Nvidia you'll have to wait because they don't have them ready yet, they're still being manufactured and may not even be ready before 2010.
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