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Mac users: ATTENTION

This is the apple's newest mouse, The apple magic mouse, does any mac users have it, and tell me why it's better than the mighty mouse.
one of our test machines have that, but imo it takes a different mindset to use it if you are used to a standard mouse.

one major fault is when you are one of those kinds of people with sweaty fingers, the multitouch feature kinda reeks if your fingers get stuck to the surface (my same problem with touchscreens)

Its more a marketing gimmick really. This is more for the iphone crowd than the mac crowd

nice idea, but i prefer just a vanilla mouse over a tricked out screenless iphone.
i haven't seen any mac commercials for it, they are still focused on making windows 7 seem shitty, i liked the ipod touch, whenever i had it, i still like the tracking ball in the middle of the mighty mouse alot, i wonder how were going to get to the dashboard,
It sure looks cool, but touch-sensitive things have a tenancy to piss me off.
(lol... this is sooo context sensitive)
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It's pretty cool, but the normal computer mouse is pretty much alright to me.
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not at all.
having touch-sensitive panels would probably make it harder, as a slight knock would draw over your work.

Looks nice though,
We don't know yet, as most of us have not tried it yet. This means we could either be prejudicial on the subject, or wait and see what happens.