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'Connect to' running slowly?
Is you 'Connect to' running slowly too?
Mine has been running VERY slowly lately and takes about 5 minutes just to show a white block. And another 10 minutes to load the full block. Anyway, I was looking for a fix to this, any of you have one? Also, I'd like to know if anyone else has had this problem/is having it right now.
Chances of someone else having it are improbable, its a system problem.

Check for viruses, try it in safe mode, run a defragmentation, clear HDD of useless shit, uninstall useless shit.

just general tips to speed up a computer
try some of the other tips aswell, you need to free up as much as possible, so that your computer runs faster in general.
seems like the only problem too me, thought i could be mistaken.
also, a virus scan is a good idea
If it doesnt help, then i dunno what else to suggest, though to me, i still think its a performance issue.

Sorry :<