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How can you aim hits well?
I know a lot of it is situational, but I was just wondering if you had any tips.
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It's easier to hit something if you strike lengthwise to the target, solely because your swing is travelling along the length of the target you're aiming at, hence you have a larger surface area to hit. It's hard to get this type of situation consistently, and it looks very simplistic when done anyways.

If you're hitting something in a direction along it's shortest length, you just have to 1 frame it the entire way. If you can't make it look right with what you have, you might need to go further back and set it up again in a slightly different way. Either way, it's mainly a trial and error process that you really only get better at by practicing.
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I'm starting in replay making and spar/parkouring, can you guys give me some general tips about joints and balance ?
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well I'm not gonna sugar-coat it, but just starting to do replay making is going to be pretty tough.

My advice for you is to practice practice practice. You need to learn what each joint does and its specific role in replay making and such. Practice will help you learn ways where you can use your joints to add speed or create power and apply them to other replays.

The way I started out was reading tutorials on toribash, and just playing around with friends. You may not realize it but you'll be making a hell of a lot of progress, and you won't be frustrated in front of a computer for hours because you can't get that 7 hit boom hit like the one in the vid.

Just remember to have fun when making your replays and everything else will come in time as you work towards your goals. I mean, if you're not having fun making the replays then what's the point right?

Also if you have any quick questions or want some tips for your replays feel free to pm me. If you have a replay that you are truly struggling with, and you need a few pointers pm them to me, I'll give you some personal cnc on your replay.
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Thanks, will definitely seek you in case of doubt

And yeah I'm aware of the though start but I'm not worried, will just keep practicing it and eventually should get better, thanks again.
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good question

well as you know, if a limb or object happens to go really fast and flies into a tori a ghost will happen.

this is because since the speed is so fast, the joints will not recognize the damage and thus alters the joint collisions which means that your foot can get in there and wreak havok on uke's insides without a repelling force from the joints.

in this case the ghost was there but since it only sank in a tad bit, it came out before the joints could recognize anything wrong which is why you didn't get dms. If you alter the kick and try and have the foot go deeper into uke I'm sure you will be able to cave in uke's crotch

something to take away from this would be that a ghost does not necessarily mean a boom. While ghosting is extremely helpful in getting large hits in those clusters of joints, you have to be able to get the limb (in this case a foot) to actually collide with the joints you want to break because if not, you might as well be hitting air since uke's joints won't register in time.

good luck to you man!
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To add onto what jingles said

I've found personally that backkicking and certain types of kicks don't work well with a relaxed foot, because it just bounces off.
If you want a relaxed foot to ghost hard, you definitely need a bunch of speed to make it ghost, otherwise the foot will just bounce off.
Most front on kicks, such as the most commen

1)Grab uke
2)Pull downward

with a relaxed foot, that works miracles, but if you're doing a backkick, if you're moving slower then probably 35ish~ you're foot will most likely bounce off, or get 1 dm possibly 2.
I've personally found in this situation that contracting or extending the foot before impact/way before the impact, you can get more then with a relaxed foot.
It's just messing with holding, extending, contracting and relaxing.
I've turned a 4dm boomhit into a 6 by just holding my foot a couple frame before impact with it being relaxed before ;o
[more shit on relaxed ankles] relaxed ankle gathers a lot more speed than any other state. jaker got his 7 dm boom with a relaxed ankle back kick. another thing, relaxing the ankle sometimes makes it contract or extend faster than it would if it was actually contracted or extended.
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