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a toricorder that records to .avi
and only records the replay from start to finish no buutons or text.
and when you pree L to start recording it restarts the replay, and starts recording.

Sorry, but that's a little bit outside the scope of lua.

I guess we could take the positions of the joints, get_screen_pos, occlude them, and make our own rendering system, and write a file in AVI, but that would be a ridiculous amount of work for something that can be done by fraps and camstudio.
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Bigger and more blood please?

totally agreed we need gore mod in toribash 3x more blooood

i suggest something like script that disables tori's disemberment so on singleplayer you can't be disembermented (that will be helpful for ORMO and other guys who are making replayz

i don't know it will be possible, it's just suuggetion if neccesary just ignore this
i think you should make a scriped that makes uke attacking you all the time not just 1 move it would be very helpfull for those who are haveing problams playing the game it could be like a helper like playing online without being online lol it would be fun and for the pros they can try out new moves with it will help alot make it if it is possable if not oh well
An LUA which allows you to use an Aerial Camera?

And an opposite camera from underground?
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Time to answer some things here:

@Muffindo: Well, the script would have to render the replay and save the joint movements and his corresponding frames of the replay in a file apart. Then the lua file would have to render every frame of the replay while you are editing it to check if the other guy is moving. If he is, then the script would change the corresponding joints of that guy and you would be able to edit your character to the end.
This way you would have to edit the whole replay to the end. Collisions would fuck up the other guy. After editing, you need to press p and wait untill the end of the replay, otherwise the other guy would be fucked up.
I could do this, but im still a newbie in lua, even though i can do some neat scripts.
I used the word "render" as an expression, im not sure if it is the correct word.

@Emogotsa1 and OrientGuy: Tried it, didnt work. Maybe a pro scripter could do it.

@KlLeR: There are already a few of scripts that move uke, 2 examples are the opener script and gmon's Judo Trainer. (Will work in classic too)
Anyway none of them is pro, because its very hard to give uke an A.I.
Anyway i recommend you to use gmon's judo trainer.

@Assassin99: gmon's Judo Trainer will work for you.

@Davstanley: If you mean a script that will show you how to use those moves, then good luck.
I would try to make one, but i recommend you to practice. If you learn how to make that move alone, you will be able to use it everywhere.

@TehCaek: What you mean by Aerial camera and Anderground camera?
If it is a camera that will look at you from up and down, i can try to make it.

I think its all.
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@Emogotsa1 and OrientGuy: Tried it, didnt work. Maybe a pro scripter could do it.

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