I will rate all of the replays at once. Overall 7/10. Some of the replays were bit stick but i liked the dms
Awkward movement is awkward. The opener especially felt strange because of how you grabbed your foot in the beginning, which would have been cool if it didn't slow down your momentum completely. The manip was kind of weird too because of how your arms were held the entire time. The destruction was great, looking at your other replays it seems like you've got dm's mastered. Due to the amount of damage that you took the replay had a messy look to it the entire time, but that might be my opinion. Really love what you did at the end though.

Overall it was ok, but not your best.
Yeah that was one of my worse replays :P Now here's something better ;) Done in 0,5 hour tho, it's still better :P
Don't Ask me about the Tittle because I don't Know
Edit: wondering if someone can spot the skeet ;)
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The only thing that I really liked in the replay was the opener spin and the grab, surprisingly.
The core hit was really solid but I wish you extended the right pec right after it to make it float in freedom in the air. The next hit would have looked better imo.
Next boomhit was really well aimed, but you just went straight for destruction, while I would have enjoyed if you did something more interesting with the torso.
Skeet is nothing special, really close range and not much power behind it.
The transition to the pose was actually damn great, it's hard to land on a stable pose and not twitch like hell. Nice job.
oh yeah
First replay I've seen by you for a looooooooong time.
Opener spin was fancy, I don't really mind that you were forced to grab and the result of the kick was enjoyable.
The way you hop up in the air for the next kick looks baller, kick aimed nicely.

After that you make some weird movements, try not to move much at all whilst falling in the air like that.
The pose looked weird, extended abs and just.. Well weird.

Overall nice replay, I'll make sure to stalk this thread in the future. I like your style.
Thanks Such awesome cncs! Gonna cnc back soon.
But for now, new one from me lol. I got so rusty in SP i don't know what is up with that.
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~RIP [Vector], Shikkumo's butthole
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Wow I really like this one.

The manip was really cool imo, although you hit your head it was barely noticeable. Your flow was pretty good throughout the entire replay. The first hit could have been more interesting, but it was ok. I loved the second hit, and the elbow dm was great too. You got a little twitchy on the transition to the pose but bouncing off your head was pretty creative. Nice job.
The replay itself was good. Cool tricks and whatnot, even if it was rather generic. And really slow...
Only thing is your movement.
You were pretty stiff, and sometimes the movement was a bit weird.
For the most part though, it flowed pretty well and looked decent goodish.
The only thing is how you slowed down a lot between the flares and different tricks, except the end. It'd be better if you had tried to go for maximum flow stuffs rather then style. Even if the tricks were boring and unattractive but they flowed perfectly, it'd be better then really nice tricks with garbage movement and flow.
Still, seems great for a pretty long pause.