Thank's Still shitlots of rust, but here's something what I made in 2 days lel
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#aadame - rusty as fock.rpl (254.6 KB, 39 views)
~RIP [Vector], Shikkumo's butthole
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Rusty as Fock: pretty good, it seemed to have little going for it besides the self decap, I'm going to assume you couldn't get the first boom without your foot coming off, though I like the semi cork. Would be cool to see it finished with the cork.

overall, decent
Opener was weird with the extended abs and stuff

Lift was interesting, I wasn't expecting your left foot to raise off the ground too

Stuff after that flowed well but your left foot twitched a little

Don't like how you hit your head spinning Uke, but eh

Boom was a boom

Second boom was powerful too and flowed well

Little thing you did there at the end was a nice touch too.
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everything about the manip was pro except how you banged your head on him
the booms were really nice as always and the mini breakdance at the end was sweet, it seems like if you did a regular transition to the pose it wouldnt have been nearly as good looking. good choice
oh yeah