Well, that replay is awesome bro :> You cheat me when you say it's horrible, i like it :> 8.5/10 cuz imo it's little too slow , also end is "only" nice;p.
its a little dissapointed me that your not complete the whole parkour
but it was smooth running , and after this this jump was so nice and you ended it up good
See my mug , it'll probably turn the flowers black
yeah i didn't complete its but its for a event in clan "The Super Mega Ultra Awesome As F@ck Replay Contest" so its only 600 frames limit and here its much more focused to realism than completing parkour :3
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The first punch was amazing, but the next kick, dispite the dismemberments, was too mainstream for me.
I loved the next punch, it was great.
Cool replay, but lacks some originality.
oh yeah
The start is too slow, but it catches up. The flow is nice but breaks up at some parts.
The double air kick with uke was very nice, it's the best part.
I think that's it's a bit too holdy though, but that's just me, and you already know how much of a freak I am at replays. For me, hold goes for madmans and relax goes for spars.
The first kick you made was a bit weak and strange, I didn't quite like it.
Also did you put yourself so close to Uke? Laziness or accident?
Also why don't you try out some throws? It looks amazing when done well.

oh yeah
thx pusga.
Why am i so close to uke? But first i want to make replay when tori try to attack uke and he still dodging and dodging and finally made epic combo.
Why am i not try to do some thtows? But its hard to made case for throw. Of course i can made it but that need time. I think i will continue this replay but now i must focused to some request vids etc.
~RIP [Vector], Shikkumo's butthole
Replays, Videos