Just saiyan here, I pretty much have waaaay too much free time. So.. I could be a recruiter, if you'll let me. if not, that's fine.
I came here to laugh at you
Boy would i! I'd take you any day baby. ;o
Also, Antleronio, welcome aboard! I'm reasonably loose in appointing recruiters, but i will keep an eye on you chaps. If there are applicants left hanging after i have reminded you via PM, you need a pretty good excuse for yourself (read: i am not cold, if you've been legitimately too busy then i understand).
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
various places to find me lol
PL0x. Hacks is back. Spread the word.

I have loads of free time always when I'm not playing Terraria, Skyrim, Asses Creed 3 or Toribash.
Not to mention I check the forums literally everyday for at least a couple hours.
I give detailed CnC as well. Most of the time at least.

Put me on dat list.
I'll keep a close eye on you guys and write petitions for shook to smite you if no high standards and good judgment are applied!!!!

Jokes, I'll be buried deep in books until the end of this month and a bit of the next one, but I trust the elder recruiters to judge their fellow new colleagues and make some amendments if they see fit.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
Studying eh wot? I know that feel bro. :U

Also yes Dscigs you can be a recruiter too, so let's see how you handle the




Edit: also this just in, Wes is super busy so we're advancing the list a smidge ahead of schedule

because there are like MILLIONS of applicants right now
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
various places to find me lol
Shook, I quit tb cause bored I am no longer interested in this game anymore, i may back but idk.
So of course I'm no longer a recruiter.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
So was I skipped or something? cuz it was Hacks' turn and then you just go straight to
dscigs, so...?
I came here to laugh at you
You can recruit anytime you want. That's just a list of people who are officially recognized as recruiters.