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Dual Gravity Replays Tutorial
I'm making this for ORMO since the people here are the ones that can actually learn this easily and make the most use of it.
This is mainly going to be a great tool for collabs between -30 and -9.82 replay-makers where they can each play on their prefered gravity.

Step 1: Begin the replay normally, on the gravity that you wish to start.

Step 2: Memorize the frame where you want to change the gravity and preferably make it so that you move at least one join on said frame.

Step 3: Open the replay with notepad and change the gravity to the one you wish to follow with.
You just need to change the corresponding number on the NEWGAME line. It's easy to spot because normally it's the only one that's -9.82 or -30.

Step 4: Open the replay normally. You will notice that the parts that you already made are glitched - don't worry, it's supposed to be like that.
Go to the frame that you memorized on step 2, and edit from that frame on playing normally.

Step 5: Memorize the frame where you want to finish the part with that gravity.

Step 6: Download this script - http://forum.toribash.com/showthread...98#post7006498 and place it on the "script" folder inside "data".

Step 7: Open your replay normally. On the menu, Go to Utils -> Script and load "recordframe".

Step 8: Press enter and write without any of the [] : /record 2 [name of your replay] [name of the file you want at the end] [number of the frame you memorized for step 2] [number of the frame you memorized for step 5]

Step 9: Open the file of your replay that you used before the script on notepad (I'll refer to it as the input file from now on). Open the file that the script created on notepad (I'll refer to it as the output file from now on).

Step 10: Change the gravity in the input file to what it was on the start of the replay.

Step 11: Copy everything that is BELLOW the NEWGAME line on the output file, and paste it to the input file, overwriting what was in it starting from the FRAME line number that the output file begins with.

Step 12: Save the input file and open it normally to check if everything is working.

Step 13: Repeat the process if you want to continue hopping between gravities.

That's it. If you have any questions or need examples of a certain part ask away.
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I knew there was a way! :> thanks Oblivion
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I load the script, I do the command, then it says the command does not exist, I also do not understand what to write after /record 2.
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/record playerid inputfile outputfile parameters

So, if you're trying to change the gravity of a replay named crabfish and the replay has 700 total frames you'd load the script in utils and then go to singleplayer and type this

/record 2 crabfish outputfile 700

The outputfile line is the name of the replay it will generate(in this case the generated replay will be named outputfile), you'll find the replay it generated in your replay folder where you can then edit the replay in notepad and change the gravity, save it, open the replay in toribash and play with your new gravity.
Thanks Orko, my problem was I was typing the command
in the replay, at first I did not understand the outputfile thing,
that I was supposed to put .rpl, lol.

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