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Textured Ghosts | Ghost Textures
my idea and get ghost texture could cost 1k-4K
I think it would be cool :3
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My main problem with this is, how are you going to texture everything? Seems too complicated.
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Not that ^

Like, what's the point of even texturing a ghost? You're hardly going to see it, after all it's a ghost m8. The whole point of textures was to make your tori look unique, I don't see why a ghost would be textured.
It's going to be pretty hard to map a whole ghost, unless it's just a pattern like checkers, etc. But if your going to map it like a whole person, like Skylarrr said, not sure how you'd be able to do that, or ghosts that are your textures you have on, just transparent, or they can be like "Ghost Texture Head", "Ghost Texture Hand", etc. And they'd be pretty cheap too, like 1k tc each or something (also people can do pure ghosts with textured ghosts :O)

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Firstly, some of the reasons that people have stated for there NOT being a textured ghost are, at this point thoughtless. Put some thought into your statements because it sounds like 50% of you are missing the point.

Secondly, the ghosts really should not be textured because it could potentially defeat the purpose of the ghosts. That is, if you are talking about full on textures like the current Tori's have. Could be very distraction and deter from actual game play.

However, if there could be a way to add "customization" to the ghosts in some way without being overly distracting, it could be just another tier of customization. It would need to still be 100% transparent and very simplistic.

But, on the subject of textures I am not really sure how that could be implemented without making some sacrifices with the game play. And I really do not think it would be worth it unless it was done with extreme caution and the eye on simplicity, which I don't think is plausible at this point.

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The whole point of texturing is to make something look aesthetically better. You cant do much with a ghost cause its naturally opaque, the texture would barely show up.

Whats the point?

(im not bringin' in the whole framerate argument cause its a shitty one.)
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But, on the subject of textures I am not really sure how that could be implemented without making some sacrifices with the game play.

You can make transparent textures, and that happening to ghosts is a no-go.
I've merged the old thread with the new one. Same suggestions etc.
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Ghost textures
I was thinking about why not add textures to your ghost can it be possible?
could u add it in the next update? :3

what do you guys think?