More Haku Flash
and baby Edit: My bad i added an unfinished version of our me and haku's spar
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flash vs j2kr.rpl (405.7 KB, 23 views)
flash vs Hakuu.rpl (733.6 KB, 58 views)
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Holy crud, the flash style is still very much alive and well

it almost looks like you never even took a break, crazy good quality movement.
I think the old trick Flash almost came out in this replay even tho it was one trick
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Flash vs waveS.rpl (535.0 KB, 43 views)
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You're still cracked dude i can only do a 540 at best

haha, its nice to see you around still!
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Spar with watermagic.rpl (822.2 KB, 29 views)
Extremely fun role playing spar with Haku, for 10 frames he managed to through objects at me with ez and climb walls like a ghost runner.Also fun mma body mod spar i did with matarika.
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alley spar 1.rpl (1.16 MB, 30 views)
jisse_sparring_backalley_mp.tbm (25.2 KB, 15 views)
spar matarika.rpl (1.23 MB, 26 views)
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