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Replay inspirations/influences
replays or replaymakers that you stylistically stole from? also, any replays you want to try and replicate? feel free to use this thread to post old replays whose style you think deserve more attention aswell

Helvetica and Caligulove are the 2 main replays that convinced me to try making grab manips, although just watching most BISH replays made me do that

Glimmer is an example of Tamer0 replays that made me believe that fast single dm madman replays were the best thing ever. for a while i did almost exclusively replays like that but in the end i ended up with flawless single dms being ingrained in most of my replays (example, plus frenchcore killa i guess)

36 is my favourite Milk replay, and after watching it i pretty much tried to make madman replays based loads of momentum and laxed movement, specifically moving around a bit before hitting and then grabbing in order to maximise power (example)

post replaymakers you stole from aswell
everyone is allowed to participate in this thread
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oh yeah
In this replay I tried to replicate fallu and I think I succeeded more or less except I am not as fast. Most of the steals I do are subconcious.
Oh wait, I'll attach some fallu's replay so you can see it.
I think he deleted his old stuff
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gratuitous notnoob mention. the only inspiration i can think of. although i was inspired by oblivion's self spar and tricking default replays at the start.
wow that
oblivion, & largekilla

i think swexx could be in here, but i legitimately didn't know about him until someone mentioned him here in ormo. that was maybe after i started gaining a bit of popularity.

anywho, i basically saw oblivion's tricking replay, (mistakes ive forgotten i think), and immediately started out in -30 grav. didnt start out in -9.82 unlike most ormo replaymakers. i never posted these, because i set a high standard for myself when it came to these, (and mainly due to not knowing what toribash forums were.)

and then i discovered the forums. and then i discovered largekilla. i started making madmans, which can be seen here, (http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=450570)

i drove away from tricking, but got back into it soon enough.

my style: i believe it to be mostly oblivion, and myself i suppose.

(will put replays here when i get home)
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tsu tsu cuckoo
oracle and his discipline replay made me want to make replays with his flow and style

that's basically it other than a couple times i tried to copy other people

i don't think i need to post oracles replay since its in the defaults : >
My inspirations for replay making were mainly War_Hero and Nuthug.
Always felt inspired by shook and splinter too.
Sadly lost most my replays after I died in toribash.
Ishi4admin Wh-ORMO
BioEx, Festus and Numbers were basically whom taught me how to make replays, I'd pretty much just sit in Skype calls with them and bombard them with completely garbage replays for 2 years straight whilst they off handedly gave me pointers that ended up shaping my replay making style. Festus always encouraged me to just let the replay take me where it goes rather than trying to force it into what I want it to do because it'll always lead to something more interesting. Numbers would constantly reiterate that being smooth and fluid without dropping your momentum should always be valued over anything else, as well as filling dead space within replays with some sort of substance. BioEx encouraged me to maintain balance and staying rather realistic within my replays, I don't particularly agree to that notion anymore but it still has ended up shaping the way I've learned to move around and the way I pick my movements.

I'd say I definitely drew most of my style inspiration from Jaker and Festus though. Jaker's replays were and are some of the most smooth and fluid replays I've ever seen, I've always tried to emulate this/surpass it but I haven't quite got there yet. And Festus's replays were just cool to me, with lots of interesting/weighty movements within them, he never disregarded how cool openers could be and I've always tried to keep that ideology of not using shit openers just to start a replay faster.

And I'd say Swexx as well, seeing as how me and him have been throwing WIP's of replays back and forth to each other for CnC for a long time, and he always has some unique insight on how I should approach things.
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