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Dismemberments in the new Toribash versions
This is some stuff I said in irc today

[11:17] <@Larfen> I actually have a theory
[11:17] <@Larfen> sir asked me about bruise glitch and stuff
[11:17] <@Larfen> and I explained to him
[11:17] <@Larfen> and he said he was gonna fix it
[11:18] <@Larfen> what I think the change was that bruises don't go away anymore
[11:18] <@Larfen> but the redness does
[11:18] <@Larfen> I dm'd myself an absurd amount of times in my sp cup replay while making it
[11:18] <@Larfen> and it was a particularly messy replay
[11:19] <@Larfen> dms that wouldn't have happened normally
[11:19] <@Larfen> but my joints weren't red
[11:19] <@Larfen> I think bruises have no visual cue now
[11:20] <@Larfen> when something gets bruised it stays bruised until it breaks
[11:20] <@Larfen> that's my thoughts at least

What do you guys think of this? Have you noticed a difference in how dm's work with the newer versions? Should we complain?

Here are some replays where I feel like this comes into play.

First replay: Final "boom"
Second: Selfboom
Third: Double armrip (maybe not due to bruises but a different change?)
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I honestly haven't noticed a difference, but I don't rub up against Uke a lot, but in the last replay I made when I decaped Uke my foot bruised his pecs and it was so unbelievably easy to Dm both pecs after that.

That's all I got to say about that
manip boomhits will be too ez now
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I've been noticing that a lot too. I feel better about myself when I make replays in an older version - its actually easier to do because you don't self dm every turn.
On and a few things to note:
1. This thing has been happening in multiplayer since long before;
2. It might not only keep the bruise but also the force applied to joints, like when you extend knees at high speed for example. Not sure about that though.
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I know im not in ORMO but this happens to me too

i would really want this fixed
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Just made a replay were I bruised my glutes pretty bad in the beginning. For the rest of the replay I had to keep my glutes relaxed for most of the time to avoid them exploding in my face.
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My ankles... Whenever I get a boom and I want to go for a kool spin after or Dm Uke again my ankle Dms because I bruise it when I kick Uke.... ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!
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my hips were getting dmed in alot of the last replays i tried to make and i couldn't do what i wanted to do ;-;.
fking fix it plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls
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