I don't want to be that guy
Actually I'd love to be that guy

Did some testing by kicking Uke in the chest and then using the exact same kick on Uke in a replay where I first rubbed his chest (DM is lowered significantly in both replays)

The results are exactly the same in both replays, although the ammount of points received for the hit differs by one unit (40204p for r2 and 40203 for r3)

This doesn't mean you're wrong though, it might've always been like this(I doubt the devs change any of the core game code in updates) or my testing may be inconclusive
One flaw source may be how I didn't reach the cap for DMing a new joint in either of the replays, but that seems unlikely to me seeing how I rubbed the pecs of Uke and kicked him right on the spot with a DMT of 15
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I just tested it. If you Shift+P through all the bruising to the frame before the impact (accumulating bruises) and hit space you get a lot more dms (5dms) than the ones in the replay. Whereas if you pause at 273 and hit space, you get only the displayed amount (3dms).
Tested in version 4.92.
Pusga did the same in 4.95 and got 5 dms both times. So this is pretty much confirmed.
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Oblivion: it was brilliantly complex though
Oblivion: hands down man
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<jisse> Nuthug_ what do you think of that?
<jisse> Do you really think devs changed how the game is played recently?
<jisse> Or have I missed something?
<Noob> Jisse, the devs prolly fucked up
<Noob> And don't want to admit it
<jisse> Why would they touch the basecode in the first place though?
<Noob> You underestimate the devs of this game
<Noob> But in all honesty idk
<jisse> Either way Ive never heard of felt of this phenomenon
<jisse> And my testing came back negative
<jisse> I call mass hysteria
<Noob> Potentially
<jisse> Even if it is a thing
<jisse> It might have been there the whole time
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<Noob> Fallu, this guy confuses the fuck out of me
<Noob> Jisse, possibly
<Noob> Idk
<fallu> also someone should go reject skizzify already
<fallu> he's been waiting for 5 days
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<Noob> Pusga
<fallu> pusga
<Noob> Help
<fallu> [18:07] <fallu> also someone should go reject skizzify already
<fallu> [18:07] <fallu> he's been waiting for 5 days
<pusga> hi noob
<pusga> hat
<pusga> what
<Noob> Help
<Noob> This is my alt and I make rly good music
<fallu> hahaha
<NutHug_> let's see jisse
<Noob> But no foreal I honestly can't tell if he's desperate to seem cool and obtain poon or something
<Noob> He literally acts like it through most of his videos
<NutHug_> JISSE
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<jisse> what
<NutHug_> I shift + p'd through all the bruising right to the frame before the impact
<NutHug_> result
<NutHug_> I was surprised
<jisse> Me too
<NutHug_> pusga
<NutHug_> power of bruising
<NutHug_> that is version 4.92
<jisse> Can we test on an older version?
<pusga> hahahaha
<pusga> thats a funny replay
<NutHug_> if I pause at 273 and shift p only once
<NutHug_> I get a lot less dm
<NutHug_> scientific proof
<NutHug_> hooray
<jisse> Make a post
<NutHug_> did someone test it in the new version?
<NutHug_> I don't have it
<fallu> i have 4.8 and 4.95
<fallu> only have 4.95 because steam
<NutHug_> what's the latest?
<fallu> 4.95
<NutHug_> is that the one pusga keeps complaining about?
<fallu> or if theres something newer than 4.95 then i have it
<fallu> wait
<pusga> i have 4.95
<NutHug_> go and test it
<fallu> steam is 4.95
<fallu> so 4.95 is newest
<NutHug_> shift p through jisses replay
<NutHug_> hit space
<pusga> nuthug i paused it at exactly 273
<NutHug_> and compare results to no shift ping
<pusga> the one with the chest rub
<pusga> and it got all the dms
<pusga> still
<NutHug_> from r2?
<pusga> from r3
<NutHug_> so no boom?
<pusga> i did get a boom
<NutHug_> no boom boom?
<pusga> without shft-p'ing
<NutHug_> how big of a boom?
<NutHug_> same as mine?
<pusga> the same
<NutHug_> or jisses
<pusga> as if you shift-p it
<NutHug_> neat
<NutHug_> so they don't go away
<pusga> the 5 dm boom
<NutHug_> confirmed
<NutHug_> POW
<fudgiebalz> jee golly
<pusga> jisse what version do you have?
<pusga> i cant make it so that on r3 i get less than 5 dms
<pusga> i always get 5 dms
<NutHug_> in 4.92 I get less
<NutHug_> if I pause at 273
<pusga> im using 4.95
<pusga> and i get 5 by pausing at 273
<NutHug_> I get the same as in jisses
<NutHug_> so bruises don't go away anymore
<NutHug_> which makes sens
<NutHug_> e
<pusga> wait
<pusga> are we talking about r3?
<NutHug_> yea
<pusga> because jisse gets 5 dms
<pusga> on that one
<NutHug_> the teleporting one
<pusga> yeah im on .95 and i always get 5 dms
<pusga> nuthug i dont understand your post
<fallu> fudgie
<fallu> it's gee golly
<NutHug_> in r3 jisse gets 3 dms
<pusga> Whereas if you pause at 273 and hit space, you get only the displayed amount.
<pusga> what?
<NutHug_> for me
<pusga> oh
<pusga> right
<pusga> yeah
<pusga> but if i edit it i always get 5
<NutHug_> unless you shift p
<NutHug_> then you get 5
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<jisse> Im using 4.92
<fudgiebalz> too bad fallu
<jisse> So confirmed to happen in 4.95 but not 4.92 Nuthug_ pusga?
<NutHug_> 4.95 bruises stay
<pusga> yeah r3 always gives me 5 dms
<NutHug_> as if you shift+p to keep them red

Confirmed to happen only in 4.95, apparently I was using 4.92

Devs dun goofed
either the devs tried to make the game easier or they goofed.

does this work in multiplayer? because I've been seeing more and more dms in aikido big dojo than usual.
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it should be noted that it happens in 4.93 as well, which is where I think the change was made, given hampa's notes:

Originally Posted by hampa View Post
Hi Toris,

While working on a major release we have also cleared out bugs.

Here is 4.93, please use it and abuse it.

Steam will update automatically and the standalone versions are in the download page:

- Fixed bruise option affecting decap
- Fixed closing create room menu with cancel button
- Fixed uke ghost after setting engagedistance and press 7 to zoom to uke
- Fixed obj ghost when using load obj command
- Fixed ghost on obj
- Fixed autocomplete command caret position
- Fixed mod search on result with directories
- Fixed grip in torishop not reseting when closed

Gui changes:
- New Multiplayer menu
- Updated tutorial
- Added delete button to replay menu
- Added rename to replay menu
- Added refresh button that is usable per 10 seconds

- Converted all script in startup.lua to c++ code except require function and hooks
- Locked the path and codes for read_replay,, dofile, and loadfile lua function

- Added trig_score, trig_score_once to bodies, joints
- Fixed copy player in mod maker to copy trigger, point system properties
- Changed mod maker export directory to mod directory
- Removed boxtori.tbm
- Removed modified.tbm
- Fixed long text from logs wrongly transmits in chat

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So did you guys tell the devs about this? Or?
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