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Editing mid-frame trick found out?
So, I found this extremely interesting thing today. Editing in the middle of 1 frame has always been a thing that people have wanted to increase precision within the game. I believe I found out a way to do this.

When you go slo-mo while watching a replay, you can use shift + p to go through what normally is frame by frame. In slow motion as in 0.20 this lets you pass through a single frame on several uses of the shortcut. Now you can press E to edit the replay while having it paused in the middle of the frame.
I only found this out 10 min ago, so I'd like you to discuss if this is actually a thing or not, I might be missing something. Oh, and this also seems to work fine on saved replays without glitching them.
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I was sceptical when I first read this so I tested it out because the .rpl format only saves whole frames.
I moved exactly the same joints but at different times during one particular frame (490)
Nr 3 is without, let's call it "frame manipulation" and Nr 4 is edited three quarters into the frame (490.75)
If you open them both in notepad you'll notice the numbers are exactly the same.

The conclusion becomes the following:

While you can use this to edit the replay at a much more specific time, after you've saved the replay it won't make a difference because the .rpl format is limited to whole frames. So the engine itself can handle this new cool thing but it won't make a difference because the output file doesn't support it.

I assume this will conflict in one way or another, but the glitching is probably so small it can't be seen with the human eye and because we can't check for glitches in notepad either (because it's a .rpl file) we may never know.

Cool find though, I like discussing stuff like this.
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Bah, I guess it was just too good to be true.
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