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DISCUSAION thread about new and previous generation of replayes
yesterday i was watching gramof0ns replay stream and in the chat some people started mentioning how people who are starting replays these days are able to improve and learn much faster than people who started replays say 5 years ago

this is easy to explain, new replaymakers look at experienced replaymakers and try to do what they are doing, which means that they immediately "adopt" the knowledge that the experienced replaymakers acquired over their career. this is fascinating and impressive, because now we have relative newcomers who are light years ahead of people who have played for years

so should the new generation glorify the previous one so hard? i mean i dont mind expanding my edong everytime i join a room but there are guys who are just 5* better than me and still improving, they are more likely to become the next Nuthug or smth than for example me, since im already so burned out and the only replays i make anymore are for fun and not with the intention of reinventing replaymaking.

plus, maybe if the new gen looks up to the previous one so much wouldnt it sorta make it more difficult for them to realise how good they could become? for example, they can now easily reach the quality of their idol and surpass him immensely, but if they still hold their idol in such high regard they might mistakenly reach the conclusion that they are at their peak or smth. maybe this is obvious and you might be thinking that this isnt a problem because you believe that people in general like to push boundaries, but these kinds of people are exactly the legendary replaymakers who everyone remembers for the pioneers they were, so maybe it is not as obvious as one would think

new people is where its at

ps this is unrelated to larfen getting legend, i love larfen and he is my great friend and i am glad he is legend
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oh yeah
I only started replay making about 2 years ago maybe less and I always had inspirations but my over all idol was largekilla. And for so long I always wanted to be able to do all those cool flips and spins like he did so once I was able to do them I sorta stopped improving. Then I just started making replays for fun and I ended up slowly improving after I stopped trying to imulate largekilla's style. And here I am today still improving.

So yes I think you are right pusga. If you have an idol you might think you've reached your peak when you might've only scratched the surface.
well ofc, the older generation laid the foundations for great replay makers.

If you look wayy back when in say 2008 or 2009 (farthest I've seen), the replays aren't really special, considering what today's replays look like.

Its because back then that was the standard of replay making, but a few of them decided to push the boundaries and do some crazy bat shit replays. People got inspired by that and continued to push the envelope into what it is today.

we can see the community getting better and better as more and more people join this once exclusive org, and now more are in than every before. We even had to raise the standard here at some point, because people are learning too quickly.

its like how people celebrate scientists who revolutionized their respective fields, even though scientists today are probably much more knowledgeable than scientists of centuries ago, the ones from way back when will remain as legends for doing what they did for the scientific communities and its no different in toribash imo. If it wasn't for people pushing the limits of toribash, replay making would not be as good as it is today
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i personally think trying to copy your idol all the time will just break you down.well that will help at the begin but with time you will have a lock of creativity and style coz you cant completely copy someone else.so looking at people beside you will be better coz you will see new things you never expected to see and that will motivate you to get better and be more unique...ect
so dont look behind look beside and upward you or stay suck :l
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It's just no one usues my shit .
oh yeah another thing i forgot, perhaps this happens because the previous gen got too involved in teaching the new one? i mean there hadn't been nearly as many tutorials, streams, and people available to help new replaymakers before. i guess in a way if you lay out everything you have learned for everyone else to read and absorb, they lose the ability to learn by playing the game, therefore leading them to a point where they cannot learn more than we can teach. just thoughts, i didnt really think this thread through
oh yeah
I started doing replays about 1 year ago.
my idol was Swexx,his dms and his style got me into replay making.
I wasn't looking at streams,tutorial but I was just looking at Swexx's replay thread (yea all the fucking replays) and tryed to edit before a boom hit or before an insane move and see in which position the joints were.
then I started doing replays in sp cuz I got bored to just saw them.
this was march 2015 if I remember correctly.
I totally fucked up trying to copy Swexx's style and I deciced to keep playing in mp until I just saw a sexy man called "Larfen" streaming,I watched every stream about him (yt channel,twitch ecc.).
his play style was very different from Swexx's one and I tryed to imitate him too cuz I was a fuckboy and I couldn't find my own.
this time was around april,may 2015.
I decided to send him a replay called "Hook Manipulation" and I was really impressed when he said that the idea was good but the movements needed some works so I decided to find my own style by mixing Swexx's one and Larfen's one.
after that I decided to open a replay thread on 2 may of 2015,still remember Demon and his cnc.
I saw that people started to like my replays so I kept going to do them.
without noticed it my style was mixed with pusga and Larfen and I kinda liked it so I decided to not give a fuck about realism and focus on momentum,speed and dms.
the thread grew fast to 9k views.

after all that jezz I'd say that u r right pusga,without an idol it's much more difficult to be better at replays and create ur own style.

EDIT:dayum this post is so long...
the thing that got me into toribash in the first place was a video by markiplier, which i actually stumbled upon by accident. this was back when i was still in the 'OMG MINECRAFT SO FUN' stage of my life (i guess I'm still there kinda) and i was watching a minecraft vid and i saw this video called TORIBASH | THIS IS SO FUN and i was like, hmm, mine craft or this other thing, and i had my mouse hovered over the toribash vid then i decided, nah ill watch more minecraft, but i didn't move my mouse and i clicked on toribash and i downloaded it and got it the next day.

now on my first month of playing toribash i spent 99% of my time watching replays, and the one that really stood out to me was actually ND - Rwawmp in the Swawmp by NearlyDead. it was just something about the arms moving up and down and how fast the spins were and how smoothly it flowed. that was the replay that made me think 'i want to do this' and i immediately started making replays. it was a slow and fast start for me because i knew how all the joints worked and movement and stuff, but i was never that good.

i then started looking at other stuff and i somehow found out about this channel named Mocucha Toribash and saw all these videos about these people named Oblivion and largekilla and Swexx and i tried my hardest to imitate them and be on their level. A main thing also was i watched mocuchas how to free run tutorial and it said 'look at replays of your favorite replay makers and see how they play, then branch off of them' or something like that and then at the end of november i finally found out about the forums. and i looked at these replays threads and had more inspiration, and more to imitate. i found a lot from pusga, larfen, but i took a lot from -30 replays, i can't remember who made them but i remembered smiling ear to ear when i found them

nothing much happened from there except for extreme amounts of improvement. and then february 8th i made a replay thread. a big thing to point out is that i always try to copy other replay makers not only by looking at their replays, but lping myself as them, i still do this whenever i make replays. basically my logic is that i want to look cool while i look cool. and here i am today close to getting into this org, (at least according to Nearly) which was one of my main goals when i found the forums.

since I've never stopped improving and never stopped looking up to different people, i think that no matter how much you idol someone or how many people you idol, as long as you don't ever think you've reached your peak, you won't stop improving. I've spent every minute i can of everyday i have playing this game and still, i won't stop getting better

i should have spent the time writing this doing homework i was about to finish :P
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oblivion is my idol and i'll never be as good as him </3
i agree that new generations will look at past ones and want to be alike. but, like in all things there'll be a limit, and considering not too much has changed, (like gravity standards), i think we're close to the limit of groundbreaking replays. unless of course someone thinks out of the box, which quite honestly im not seeing anymore, new generations will eventually reach the greatest they think they can be, lose interest, and become inactive. not mentioning any names of course. swexx, largekilla, pulse.

you can visibly see this in older replay makers to the new ones. older replaymakers have the same style they had when in their prime. they were more flamboyant due to replaymakers like chezda in the ol days. nowadays the hype is realism from swexx and largekilla, (which has lived on for a long time).

there is a tiny trend of hacking but not too many people do it. mainly because no one teaches anymore.

i think we should start teaching again, and have a new trend or something.
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tsu tsu cuckoo
We do glorify the "legends" and "big names" a little too much. Hell, I'm guilty as charged. I do also agree that over idolizing someone will lead to you focusing on trying to be like them, rather than just trying to become one of said ground-breaking replay makers.

It also doesn't help to just quit when you reach your peak, keep going! If you liked it so much to get to that point then why stop? Just change the game once again, create a new style, teach others, make it to where instead of just saying "yeah, that guy's amazing" they'll say "that guy is a god"... It's not good to just give up on something you love. What would you think if Michael Jordan (the greatest basketball player of all time) just gave up once he knew he was the best?

It also doesn't help to give up if you think you will never get to that point. That happens with me, then I found someone to teach me (Bands). From that point on I didn't give up and do I come across as someone who looks like he did in his first few weeks of toribash? Didn't think so. Never quit.
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