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"It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"
My replay thread
good to see you back

i liked the spar, it was nice!

that first kick by uke after the spin looked clean and pristine, nice job!

bit of stop-and-start in the beginning, smooths out during the middle, and a big one near 350, which doesnt look good imo.

overall, you did a nice job making this to shake off the rust work on controlling both tori's again, and you'll be set! i loved the hits, most of them were spot on and looked very precise, but watch out for your flips and twirls, as some of them were wonky and unrealistic.

it's nice to finally see some work from you, i'd love it if we could do a parkour sometime!
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How Much Time I Have Left
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"It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"
My replay thread
I like silent waltz a lot, the punches look really good! Also how much time I have left is really smooth, that's probably my favorite
These are some pretty good replays, I like that M one, that you recently uploaded, I like the standing pose at the end.
Nice replays, i love the madmans.
freakin great. self spars could use a bit of work, but overall
you seem pretty awesome to me. now that i see some of your collected
replays, i can see your progress as well. gj, instep. keep going
and fight to impress!
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