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Official help me find this mod thread
Have you played a mod and can't remember it's name? Post a description of it in here and someone will most likely help you
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Does anybody remember this trench parkour mod? It can be seen at 2:20 - 2:27 in the video below.
Hihih looking for the name of a mod. The mod featured a ramp and a minecart. Tori was placed inside the minecart with uke outisde.

I think it's in the in-game mod list somewheres
Can somebody look for Eldricht's mod?

It was made by GodTeam for a contest. (Probably not GodTeam, but eh)

You'd be softly launched toward the end of the diving board, & you are forced to jump off.

The gravity is really high, & whoever fractures the most joints when landing wins.
Well, you didn't give a really good description of the mod. Maybe if you can find a video or screen of people playing the mod.
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Man, this thread is very helpful.

Can anybody at least try to help me out on this one?

Not like we helped everybody except for you, because we didn't know what mod you're talking about, right?

Anywho, looked a little bit more into it, here's all the godteam members and a big portion of their mods. You can see if the one you're looking for is there, or search all the god team members' name in the modlist. ("gt" mod name search)

Alternatively, you can try to google ":Toribash [whatever description you have for it]".

As NvSFocus said, your description is a bit minimalistic :l

EDIT : Through a google search I found that you think it was one of their summercamp mod, so I googled exactly that and ended up here. It says "diving" among other things, but the link to download them seems dead. Nvm, those are third party games my bad
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