and a j.sparrow remix for lazors:P


Reminded me of this
Brendan (he who passeth judgement on the frequent changing of signatures): I don't do hentai anymore
I don't have too many times that are mostly sub wobbles like the stuff you guys are posting but this song is pretty cool

also try to find "our system works" by rumblejunkie, I couldn't find it on YouTube but it's on Spotify and is a great track dudes!

this tip might help,and it probably
applies to all kinds of music:

Look for record labels,most artists release a wide variety
of sound,but usually record labels are more strict in what
they release.

My usual approach would be finding a record label i like,
start listening to their releases,most of the time i will find
an artist i didn't know about,search his music etc etc.
And also collections,compared to personal albums,
have even more chances to find new sounds because
of the variety of artists.

hope this helps x)
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