replay quality dropped when the grab happened, awesome opener though

i just think the grab kick took a bit too long, and the succeeding kicks after werent so great, foot dm also

dms were alright though
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quick collab with KillerBotX go check his thread, i love him <3

pretty sick, the flow on the replay is pretty good. Really loved the spacing of the dms. All in all a good replay in general


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The opener and the following spin were pretty neat, nothing ground breaking but still a really awesome setup. I could see more being done with that momentum, but at the same time, that hip DM sets everything up, so zero complaints. The following boom hit is just magical, nice and explosive. The next kick was basic but got the job done, and set everything up for that absolutely phenomenal pop up back kick on the mid section. The last couple hits and dm's just flowed like butter, working off that pop up tearing the mid section to bits.

Super awesome replay, hope to see more from you soon
Really liked the beginning of replay, movement and dm's were solid.

The way you set up for that last boomhit felt kinda awkward though, and I don't think you could have made it much better.

However the boomhit was really satisfying, feel like it made up for the set up.

Good stuff as usual.
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YOOOO you made my opener look sexyyyyy! Good stuff man, I like how you used those quick methodical grabs to pull uke closer for the first boom, and you set yourself up really nicely for that spinning kick, it had a lot of power.
I think it's a pretty unique replay, I love the speed and angles of your spins and the dm's at the end were satisfying.
You're a great replaymaker so it's all gonna come down to nitpicking.
Standard opener, not good not bad
Personally I think the elbow slam on the ground in the beginning looks a bit sharp, if you know what I mean? Giving your wrist a lil bit of inwards bend, and letting your elbow extend a bit earlier would make it look a bit smoother and less painful.
The positioning at around 480 feels very oldschool TB, it's up to taste but it does stand out a little bit from the rest of the replay.
I think the switch in grabs at around 80 was smooth, gj on that
Would have love for you to challenge yourself with the pose as much as you did with the rest of the replay, it's quite an overlooked (or at least it was when I last played)

Really sick replay, would show this to my Tinder date

p.s. grab however much you want, this replay wouldn't be possible without those grabs
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i wanna kiss you for how much i like this replay, pretty epic.
now add me to your desc
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great collab i like everything apart from the first punch for the split and the skeet they both look wonky but everything else is flawless specially the opener big fan of it.. keep up the great replays
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