another certified toad classic. the only thing i can really say is that the opener is kinda generic but everything after is really cool.
the crotch skeet is cool, other one is kinda mid. dms arent crazy imo but the like slam on the lumbar into ground is cool. would be much better with more interesting movement but nice replay nonetheless.
I'm so jealous of the way you move. As someone who struggles to get any form of momentum when replaymaking, the way you effortlessly spin and dance around without stopping is mesmerizing and something I wish I could do.

Manips are my favorite type of replay by far, but they're kind of uncommon to see nowadays. You are by far the best at them that I've ever seen. Whether its a regular manip or relaxed manip, you perform both of them so flawlessly while keeping both you and uke flowing like water.

Then I watched "hot head" and you're even good at grab manips! The opener gets you some good momentum, but then the way you landed it is a bit odd. I didn't really like the position you landed in, but I get that it was to setup for the grab. The first initial throw is a bit weird, uke is heavy after all and throwing him with one hand will definitely force some akward moves, but the way you got uke to spin is a great payoff. The continuation was great, and that second grab to flip uke over I liked a lot. The first backhand is a bit lacking, but it does the job well enough. The first kick flowed great, but I feel like you definitely could have gotten a better hit. Second kick is the same, I feel like the power is missing from both of those kicks. I liked the pose. I think the only real issue I have with the replay are the dm's.

Now try doing a -30 manip, I'm curious to see how you approach doing one. Love your stuff dude, you're definitely one of my favorite ukebashers! "Imperishable night" is probably my favorite ukebashing replay of all time now. Also collab with me again when
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pretty cool replay, i like the grabs and the iris opener. your arms are incredibly twitchy during the grab section though because you probably weren't thinking about how your tori was actually moving rather just the entire replay, and a couple sections kinda look like an mp judo replay

also how you can have such a clean boomhit setup and get a whopping 2.5 dms is beyond me, really gotta work on your hits bruh

starting with splits and stuff in a manip replay usually removes a lot of potential from future hits especially in this case considering both of the legs went flying and all you have is the torso left, had you oblitered the torso with the setup you had it would've been fine, and then of course the "kick" after where you don't actually kick the joints because ur hand gets in the way and you essentially just grabbed and tugged the pec and chest apart and the joint you actually kicked doesn't even break lol
the transition to the 368 frames kick was so satisfying wtf funny start and flawless movements during the manip. so so smooth, I envy that!
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