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Public Room Mod Suggestions
Post here with any public room suggestions!

judo1Beginner Judo
judo2Beginner Judo
aikido1Beginner Aikdo
jousting1aBeginner Katanajoust
jousting1Beginner Jousting
twinsword1Beginner Twinswords
aikido2Intermediate Akido
judofrac2Intermediate Judofrac
kicking1SemiPro Erthtk
striking1SemiPro Boxshu
kicking2Blackbelt Erthtk
striking2Blackbelt Lenshu
grappling2Blackbelt ABD
public2Public Boxshu
public3Public Judo
public4Public Twinswords
public5Public Boxing
public6Public Lenshu
public7Public Mushu
public8Public Ninjutsu
tourney1Tourney ABD
tourney2Tourney Boxshu
tourney3Tourney Judo
tourney4Tourney ABD
tourney5Tourney ABD
qa1Quick Aikido
qa2Quick Aikido
qa3Quick Aikido
qa4Quick Aikido
qa5Quick Aikido
qr1Quick Judofrac
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msds please
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I'd like to see competative mods and variations. At least one server for each mod group.

Mod groups

And then circulate them every week or so with variations of the same group.
Haven't seen much of samboaikido, sw4, and stabjutsu_original like ever. It's more fun when you dig up mods that aren't as well known.
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How bout an rk-mma tourney? I need to learn that mod and I don't just play for no reason i need some tc involved ;)
I think joustingfixed.tbm

I also think we need reasons for people to join a public server rather than making a private.

I think having a leaderboard for most wins in the server, or something to keep competiton strong in the server.