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Lets talk about the future of Toribash
I just wrote a lenghty post about what I hope will be added to Toribash and Toribash Next in the future.

You guys are all experienced and skilled players, without reading my post what do you think Toribash Next should have and how do we keep the franchise alive for years to come?
one thing that would fit in the mod category that i'd be interested in is variable friction. i'm dumb with this kinda stuff but afaik friction is either on or off with no in-between with surfaces. would be cool to see slippery but not frictionless surfaces (i only know about this because i wanted to do an event one time with a slippery floor before being told it's not a real thing)
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Custom friction is a thing and has been for as long as I can remember.
It is very possible that it's a new addition though and that I am senile
i have no clue on earth how this would work(cause im dumb), but id like to be able to invite someone into your singleplayer.

like lets you you wanna make a replay or do a collab or something just invite the person you want and they can either edit the replay with you or just see what you have so far.

tbh i guess this is just a weird idea but yeah it would be cool i guess idk.... yeah
Static, it's called singleplayer for a reason. But I get your idea, although I still think it's easier to send the replay file to the person you want to collab with.

I wish there were more movements possible and I know it's probably been suggested before, but the hands, as they are now in Toribash, are lacking in capabilities and so are the feet. The torso isn't that bad. I know it would take a bit of adapting to get used to it, but it wouldn't really be difficult, would it now?

PS: Also, how close has anyone gotten to "real life" physics? I remember The -50 gravity thing, but that didn't work out because of the tori itself.
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Obazu has been perfecting realistic gravity for quite a few years now, and it actually feels great to play with. Belive it or not he uses -70 for his mod and makes it work by buffing the strenght of the body.

You should test it out, it is a lot of fun and feels a lot more realistic. Punches hit harder and falling isn't floaty. It feels like fighting.

Here's a link to his uploads, the mods are marked higrav or hg
Sadly i dont think anything they can do will bring back people who left and draw new people in. unless a big overhaul of the game happens and they do a significant amount of advertising.


Basically, time investment makes me unwilling to jump back in. The time it takes to make a single player replay is unavoidable, but multiplayer is basically pure tedium for me. If you don't winstreak, you spend more time waiting in queues than actually playing. And you'll frequently have to either deal with a godking 4D chess master currently on their 235th win in a row, or a person using a copy pasta'd min-maxed move every round and has virtually zero counterplay other than use the exact same move, when you do finally get back up. Of course, it depends on the game mode, but every game mode has it's meta move and it's derivatives.

If multiplayer could have multiple matches occurring in the same lobby, basically lobbies functioning as chat hubs, and you were free to join "rooms" within the lobby to either play a match or spectate one that's going on in that room, that might alleviate some of the tedium. Each room can still have a king of the hill, so to speak, which allows the winners to still maintain win streaks, but losers don't necessarily have to spend time waiting in line if a room is available that can support other players.

Like, for example, say 7 people are in a lobby. 2 of them are just spectating because they want to chill, 1 is spectating but in queue, and the remaining 4 are playing out matches in rooms. Room A finishes their match with player 3 winning. The loser, player 5, is pushed into queue and the spectating player in queue joins the room to play the winner. Shortly after, the match in room B ends, so player 5 joins that room to play the winner. While these two matches are going on, another player joins the lobby, and that player along with the one in queue open up another room within the lobby. The players who are spectating are free to jump between the rooms to spectate whats going on, and all chats are linked.

That setup would be more enjoyable for me, since it reduces down time when you lose, without having to server jump.
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Excellent idea Oracle. I tend to disregard competitive multiplayer because that just isn't my mojo but I do remember that being an issue for me when I was new to the game and playing MP. To add to your idea I think it would be cool if we were able to see all the matches on the same plane.

Say we are in a wushu server and there are three matches going on. While I am playing in match A I am also able to see match B going on in the distance North of me, say 200m away. Match C would also be visible some distance away to the SouthWest or something.

Also Ishi idk if you heard about Next coming out :^)