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Some camera features
As a Toribash video editor, i really need more camera features and effects than just recording with keyframes

- Camera rolls
Instead of rotating your video in editing software, you can rotate it in Toribash. 'cuz when you want to rotate your video in an editing software, you have to zoom in a bit so it might make the video quality worse a bit and sometime Tori is too close so being albe to roll the camera 360 degrees is cool.
Example : https://media.istockphoto.com/videos...o-id1057721308

I do know there's a way to set higher FOV but it's too complicated for me in the first time or for some people, adding an option to set FOV from 60 to 360 degrees is a good idea. And also you can save keyframe at each different FOV, for example : you set your fov to 60 and then press k, next 100 frame, you set your FOV to 120, that will be cool !


- Smoother keyframes
I noticed that when you keyframed a replay, you watch it again in slow motion, it'll become kinda choppy. I once used the slow motion from Toribash and upload a video using it then many people complain that the slow motion part was choppy, if your camera moves faster, it will be more choppy.


- Motion blur
Right now, there are many tons of games that have motion blur. You guys can add this in the "graphic" option, also motion blurs isn't so laggy for me, i'm currently using a GTX 650 and a i5 processor, i've played a lot of games that have motion blur like TABS or Drunken Wrestler 2, when i turned on the motion blur, it just dropped about 2-3 fps. That might sounds unnecessary but when you record something, turning on motion blur in Toribash helps you reduce the rendering time in editing software, i'm using RSMB (Reel smart motion blur) for motion blur and it increase the rendering times a lot ! My CPU sometime can't handle that.
Sorry, no example for this, you can understand what i'm saying

Thank you.