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Loosen up the rules
This website is, at the very least, stuck up when it comes to posting. I know message boards are overused, but get rid of some of the rules. Lighten this place up a little bit. No one wants to sit through this and moderating things is probably 10 times easier than on a super active board.
You tag "useless" in quotes as if I said they were useless. They arent useless, just shit and really not necessary. Dictatorship galore makes people not want to be here.
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You tag "useless" in quotes as if I said they were useless. They arent useless, just shit and really not necessary. Dictatorship galore makes people not want to be here.

thanks for the spiel, but this thread isn’t a very useful suggestion. feel free to reopen this thread whenever you have some specific unnecessary rules you’d like to mention.
1. one word posts

2. no joke posts

3. contribute to the topic

4. profile infractions and warnings are more serious than they ought to be

5. other websites do things better

And now time for me to actually explain why I believe these things. For starters, I have worked and posted on several of sites including facepunch, reddit, and then other small community forums. When you take your message board too seriously and hold people to a standard that all moderators ought to follow, people who post for the sake of fun will leave. There is way too much control here. As it stands, at the very least, things seem to be somewhat better from years ago. I believe that only has to do with the fact that this forum is letting itself go. I think the direction of the way the site moderates its boards needs to eventually change fundamentally. It can start with minor revamps aswell if need be. I suggest taking templates and formats from other sites.

Understanding that effort to make change is hard and takes people who are dedicated to do the work, this suggestion is far out for some, especially since majority of the members who can make the change are already pretty accustomed to the way things are now.

The clan page and ingame ui was changed and enhanced. Features are improved, but the beef of the community feels entirely based around edgy post skills. The only truly redeeming feature has to do with things like the clan page and organization page. The freedom is much more stout.

I hope you guys can understand where im coming from now with this suggestion ??
as far as specific ideas go, I feel like that has to be up to staff. My suggestion wasn't made for an instantaneous change, it was much more of a concern.
oh, another edit: it's not worth it to prevent some questions from being asked multiple times in new threads. People are dumb
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I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of these boards. Suggestions & Ideas, Technical Support, Market and other boards alike are not for posting "for the sake of fun". They have very specific purposes, and as such they have specific rules. If S&I board was filled with jokes and other spam, it would obviously defeat the purpose of having it.

If you want to post for fun, there are many boards to choose from. You got clan boards, Organizations, Off-Topic, Wibbles, Tori Legends, etc.

Profile infractions are not serious at all. You can get 4-5 infractions for useless posting before you actually get a ban, and even then it's as low as 24 hours. More serious infractions are only handed to people who deserve it, such as scammers. Not sure why you even mention warnings as they hold no weight on your account whatsoever.

If you think other websites do it better, once again, provide some examples as this statement on its own holds no weight.
This is the most useful suggestion ever! The amount of activity(the very thing that is lacking so much) that all the over the top rules have shut down is huge
I completely understand your suggestion gifted, it's something that we have been working on easing up for a little while now. Especially now that forums are not used as much as they used to be years ago.

We still have some work to do and we will continue to discuss the rules in our staff channels and with the community and ease them up more and more over the next coming months.

We have lightened up the rules tremendously over the years especially in the past two. Please bare with us, I feel we are in a transitory time and we are doing our best to improve our users experience with the site.

Keep your eyes peeled for some new things soon :]

Thank you for bringing the topic back to light and I want to encourage everyone in here to post what rules you would like to be clarified or lightened up on. This will help us to do our part and make your community and game experience better.

Everyone feel free to use this thread to pointr infracted. anything out to us that you feel we can change and we will go over them. Transparency, fairness, and our users experience are very important to us and our goal of keeping this game and community a fun and welcoming place to take part in.

That being said I don't want this thread to turn into a rules debate among everyone, I want everyone to be able to use this thread to share your ideas openly with us without fear of being shut down by other users. Anything that devolves from the sharing of ideas for what we chan change in the rules, or discourages users from freely expressing their ideas will be deleted.

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