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Favourite music nobody knows about
Post your favourite songs that nobody knows about.
Here is mine:

My roommate did a thing after he broke up with his girlfriend. It's kinda deep, chill and if you got the bass you can dance to it.

Would be awesome if you could send it to your friends and whatnot because he is rather excited about all the views he is getting. It is very cute and I like to see him happy. :3
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How are you?
If your friend put that on bandcamp I would buy it

I study electronic music so I know quite a lot of people, I will only post three


oh yeah

toribash user ''hug'' had a part in making this, it's pretty cool
pm me your questions or applications


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i'm really a big fan of future garage and generally anything that quok ever produced.
i'm considering making a whole new thread about the sub-genre, so i can explain it a bit more in depth and post couple of my all time favorites, but until i decide to do so, here's this gem.

i can't get over how the guy switches it up in the second part of the song and still makes the acoustic drum loop fit so perfectly.

now in this song, i fell in love with the lowkey atmosphere and the overall work with percussions and foley sounds.

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