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Discord activity matters
Hello everyone, i have one thing on my mind. I am sorry if it appeared already as an idea.

You all know, a lot of toribash players currently using discord as communication platform. And it's much more successful right now as way to talk with each other. Thousands of messages flows through.
And we have Toribot!
I want to say, maybe there is a way to link toribash clan discord to clan stats, with toribot detecting messages and etc?
Also, i think it's possible to link your discord to your toriprofile with authorisation via bot/forum
Idk how it should work or look like, but i will do an example/simple scheme:
1) Player registered at toribash
2) He customize his profile
3) He seeing "Discord" in contact info and starts to th0nk
4) He writing his discord tag
5) Bot messaging him with some weird code, which user should to type on CP panel straight in toribash forum site

1) If someone will PM you on forum, bot can ez let u know

2) It will allow to manage only "verified" accounts in clan discord, and count their messages as well, it can kill the possibility to fuk around with system (someone always will try, noone is safe from stupidity of "clever" guys)

3) and that's awesome fact you got your discord verified! Now you are not some shady figure.

Also, clan discord-server should be verified too
With bot ofc
And bot will ez count messages from verified users in his base
Also that can allow to moderate specific and unusual situations
And Clan Squad will have an eye of nature of clan via that bot
It should give some benefits, i think

Also it can ez kill the possibility of some guys to break the law
Especially if some stupid 20 y/o kid enters your server and starts to bomb your server with trashtalking. Idk, you can imagine a lot

Well, i am sorry if my ideas is hard to understand

It appeared randomly
I don't know how the bot thing works, but i am sure it's possible

So thx for attention
Have a great day! (/ ^w^)/
It took me ten years to find the answer to something, and I forgot about it in two seconds
1. No. Discord is not used as evidence in breaking of rules for a reason, and it definitely shouldn't be used as a mandatory breach of player privacy or evidence of activity. Me talking to my friends on discord definitely is not the same as being active IN TORIBASH, which is what is supposed to be measured.

2. Not a web designer, but I'm fairly certain this forum isn't exactly capable of much, if any, of what you're suggesting. I haven't seen anything similar to this anywhere, so I don't know why anyone would put the work into something like that on this forum's backend with such a small playerbase.

3. Discord's ToS specifically states that illegal activities are not supported. They are not, in most cases, supported anywhere. People will break the law regardless of how much moderation or how many guidelines are present. Your last point more or less just sounds like you want an easy way to get people banned, because you don't want to take a screenshot for yourself (which is MONUMENTALLY less work). You really should've just said that, instead of implying that this discord bot that's hardly even realistic to expect could cut down on internet crime.
idk why your words sound like something personal between us, lol
too much "me"

that's just an idea and that's why i posted it here
but anyway, thanks for sorting that out, now i know all cons
It took me ten years to find the answer to something, and I forgot about it in two seconds