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Clan event suggestion
I wrote this in a survey in the clan spotlight thread, but i want to share it here also.

Here is my suggestion for a clan event.

Clan artistic contest

Goal: Create an art related to your clan
For example, artistic work may include:
- clan members,
- clan speciality (for example, a boxing clan can draw something related to this specific mod),
- legendary items that can easily be associated with your clan (if your clan has one),
- famous players associated with your clan

- each person can send only one work, sending additional works from alt accounts is not allowed
- The author of the winning work will receive a personal reward and his clan will receive a clan reward
- If the main prize and honourable mention prize are received by people from the same clan, their clan will receive their combined clan prize.
Some other rules may be similar to HTOTM

Examples of prizes:

1 st place award:
Example of a personal award

- 8 Shiai Tokens
- 200,000 TC
- New 3d item related to painting / drawing
(For example, a painting easel and a brush on its edge.
And you could put textures on the surface of the easel just like you do on the item called "Your own sign".)
Example of a clan award
- 16 Shiai Tokens
- 400,000 TC
- Clan EXP
- Clan Achievement Trophy

2 x honorable mentions places awards:
Example of a personal award

- 4 Shiai Tokens
- 50,000 TC
- new small 3d object, for example a small brush
Example of a clan award
- 8 Shiai Tokens
- 100,000 TC
- Clan EXP
The only major disadvantage of this event would be long checking and evaluation of entries, so it's best that the time to submit entries is not long.
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Supported as it'd give less active clans something to do.
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Don't post if you have nothing to say. If your post simply says that you agree with someone or want this to be implemented, don't post at all.
If your post has positive or negative feedback about the suggestion, or adds to the suggestion itself, it's considered useful.
Suggestions aren't "voted" on. "Votes" won't help your suggestion to be implemented. Therefore, posts like "supported" or "unsupported" are considered useless.

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