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D4yr replay thread 8)
Not best but not the worst Some of them arent finished
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you have decent movement and good booms/dms, but all your replays can be summed up as "ok he did the opener and got a couple dms"

nothing in your replays particularly stand out as spectacular, and while you have a lot of potential, you should work on refining your movement and making your replays more elaborate

after years was by far the best replay in my opinion, the movement and flow of the replay was better than anything else you made so far, and the dms were well done

keep it up
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Alright for starters, i think that first back kick was a bit awkward placement, maybe couldve been placed a bit higher or used as a push back to get a better dm. Going from there tho the actual replay flows well with a bit off odd moments here and there but overall a decent replay. The skeet at the end was a nice touch aswell

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This one i thought you were going for a bit of a manip at first, but same thing you transitioned into a awkward back kick for my likings. Those back kicks just look a bit stiff. Going from there, dms were impeccable, good placements and flow throughout the replay. Keep up the good work fam <3


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