Oops, been a while. Did a mod, some mp stuff and had some irl stuff to do too.

So yea here's my second attempt at a leggang replay.

GIF/VID preview

Also did this in the new mod, but was in wip version so ripperoni

GIF/VID preview

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pls why the keyframes T_T

I thought it's better to have them so you got them if you want them, but can also just "shift + k" get rid of them quickly. D:

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but overall this was a neat replay, havent talked to you in a while joope1, nice seein you back in the game.

Ty, nice seeing that you're still around here too :)

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why is everybody better than me lol

No no, Piss godly

Thanks for comments and cnc \o/
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No no, Piss godly

*Everyone liked that

Fr though you're nuts XD
[dog] Is and always will be my favorite clan
Thankiess :)

Here's my attempt at proper non manip ukebash replay..

GIF/VID preview

and also my first tricking replay I made for an event.

GIF/VID preview

Comments, cnc and tips are all welcome
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sendhelp - advanced.rpl (425.4 KB, 2 views)
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from the gif of your tricking replay, considering its your first try its really good. id look at your lumbar and try keep it either straight or in the direction you're moving. it'll make everything else look better. also either keep ur head down or move it when u launch/tuck.
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I just realised how outdated this thing was, here's most decent ones from like past year
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kira.rpl (804.9 KB, 2 views)
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IDOTRICKYTRICK.rpl (302.1 KB, 1 views)
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Pk-Conquer of pk cities.rpl (3.04 MB, 4 views)
PK-rooftop maddness.rpl (1.03 MB, 1 views)
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