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Customize Keybindings
As the title suggests, I would like to have implemented a way to configure our own keybindings. This being for the purpose of ease of use, and in giving players a more efficient means to reaching their desired joint-states, as well as a more customisable way to interact with in-game functions.

For instance, one problem a lot of laptop users face is that their PgUp key doesn't seem to work in scrolling up the in-game chat. This is a problem I have only experienced on my laptop, and one I'm aware is a common issue for other laptop users.

Joint-state keybindings in particular will be beneficial to newer players; it's a lot easier to get the appropriate motion out of your Tori when you don't waste what few seconds you have, figuring out how many clicks it takes to make it do what you need it to do. Of course with playtime this gets easier and you can even memorise the required clicks each joint takes, but very few new players are going to invest such effort into this game, the skillcap being as high as it is. They will just open up Fortnite or some sh*t instead.

Point being, it will benefit the players in terms of functionality and convenience, it will help with user retention, and it will provide a new, more concise way for older players to experience the game, albeit requiring a bit of mental re-wiring. I'm sure there are also a multitude of others ways for players to utilise this feature if you guys get creative enough.

Thank you for reading, and please do take it into proper consideration.
Yes we need this. Not only for the ease newer players will feel being able to use the keys their comfortable with, but also older players who have keys that do not work. Example being people who's pg up key does not work so they cannot scroll chat if they miss a conversation. this is a good idea
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