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favorite artist?
I made this thread to see what your favorite artist/song is I need more music to listen to so if I haven't heard it ill check them out
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Definitely K-rino, best lyrical underrated rapper ever, try checking out some of his lyrical songs like 'spiral vortex' or 'mind marathon' or 'creative expression'.

Also got alot of songs where the punchlines make you smile lol, like 'raising the bar' or 'impossible' he got too many albums over the years it's my fav artist.
I listen to w/eTry Dance Gavin Dance

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lauren bousfield phil elverum
crystal castles
adam freeland
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VHS is an incredibly underrated rap group and every single song I've listened by them so far is amazing.


Never heard of any of them thank you I will be listening to them now.
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Curious what you'll think of k-rino, he's honestly the best lyricist out there but never gets mentioned anywhere, he has done like 30 albums in his carreer so far, still going strong.

He even managed to drop 7 albums at the same time a few years back, like what other artist work ethic is that great lol and it's not just quantity they're actually all great tracks, in his own words, quantity only matters if the quality matches it.
k-rino is very good I just listened to some of his songs thanks for that suggestion you definitely put me on.
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Good luck spitting through all his stuff, it'll take a while but definitely worth it xD and now you got plenty of stuff to listen too should keep you busy for a while lmao.

I've known his music for around 15 years now and still don't get tired of it.

A few other honorable mentions you may or may not know of;


R.A. the rugged man, locksmith, Mayday (strange music), Tech N9ne (strange music), Rittz, Run the Jewels, Aesop Rock (super creative and knowledgeable) I jam all these on the regular too besides K-rino.

Joe Satriani (the best honestly)

(Video game music/composers) - got alot of these because I work on composing for games myself.

Nobuo Uematsu (my fav probably, final fantasy composer)
Metal Gear Solid osts
Guild Wars 1 Ost (prophecies, nightfall etc.)
Street fighter 3rd strike ost
Bloodborne / Dark Souls 3 osts
Dynasty warriors osts (they slap xD)

(Anime related)
Hajime no Ippo soundtrack for workouts and the OPs and EDs are great too.
yea I don't know the other ones but I know almost every single rap one you said lol.
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