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Dynasty warriors osts (they slap xD)

hello brother. dw4 is best, 6 and 7 have some good ones

your best friend jippy
Stevie Ray Vaughan
TF2 ost
dynasty warriors 4 ost
unreal tournament ost
Mick Gordon
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Better question what game has the best soundtrack?

Final Fantasy 7 hands down if your looking at best entire soundtrack

If we're looking at purely certain tracks then there are too many to name, MGS series, Killer Instinct, Lost Odyssey, Bloodborne, Marvel vs Capcom 2, SF 3rd strike, Soul Blade / Soul Calibur 2, Guild Wars 1 just to name a few that have great tracks but don't have an entirely superb OST.
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littlebigplanet 1 fucking easy

lmao reply of the year I remember playing that game and turning my tv all the way up for the soundtrack
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mmmh, i don't think i have a favorite as my taste is all over the place and really depends on my mood but if we go by what i've been mostly listening to recently here is my list:

clarissa bitar, pomme, flume, pnl, i don't know how but they found me, porter robinson, central cee, william(penelope), phoebe bridgers, syc(go), francis lung, the shins, siames, oscar anton, yung bae, mmz.

also anime/video games ost:
nier osts, nujabes, sawano hiroyuki, kensuke ushio, kevin penkin, takahiro obata, doom osts, sailor moon osts,
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how are you fools forgetting earthbound and touhou

foo fighters, tame impala, creo, edIT, MF doom, M2U, and camellia are class
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