i was able to figure out a way to record my vinyl records.

advanced technology

WHICH MEANS!!! i'm finally able to show off this amazing record i picked up a couple months ago that is being put onto the internet for the very first time by me

also here is some very high res scans of the front and back covers

be warned imagery may be highly detailed

TRIGGER WARNING: waffle house jumpscare

i'm a happy girl in my waffle world
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all quiet on the western front for right now, at least from the recommendations front... i will update this with some recommendations as soon as i have the motivation to listen to new music again!!! i want to keep this updated for anyone who is interested in exploring music like i do whether that's to my extent or not is up to you but if you are interested at all i would love to help!

currently i'm interested in exploring more mainstream artists as i've really only dug through the cult classics and the incredibly obscure, though i'm always on the hunt for skramz (screamo but for cool kids), shoegaze, and stuff like that. as for my music side of things the release of that album i mentioned a while ago has more than met my expectations, i'm not a superstar not anywhere near it, but the amount of people tuning into the things that i've made right now is at an all time high! its very exciting stuff though i'm sure they'll all forget about me by the time i release something again though. i hope to at least show people that i'm pouring my heart out into my music, and i am satisfied knowing a few people have really been able to connect with my work. i posted a huge message to the whopping 11 people that follow me on bandcamp i'll post a screenshot of it here.


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ok after procrastinating for way too long i finally listened to 15000 guns, i won't go too in depth on my thoughts but i figured you'd probably want to know how i felt about it

I really, REALLY like the experimental sound and overall timbre of the production, it creates this mind boggling atmosphere that roped me in to this sort of, self aware unconsciousness. It holds you in a state of hypnosis that could be voluntarily snapped out of but you choose not to; definitely one thing I can say about noise rock that I can't really say for other rock/metal sub genres. The vocals are absolutely brutal, at times it sounds like I'm overhearing a man losing his marbles in an adjacent room during my stay in a Motel 6. The guy's long winded growls are immensely unique and fit the production PERFECTLY, it's pretty surreal. I have my complaints though. There are multiple segments within the rad vocals where I just straight up feel uncomfortable. I am assuming that's the point, if not then it's an acquired taste that I will probably never warm up to honestly. Sorry, but listening to a guy moan into a microphone is not my cup of tea. There are also moments in the arrangement that felt outta whack, even for an avant-prog album, which breaks otherwise remarkable instrumental passages.

I'd probably rate this album a 4/5 or a 8.5/10. Really solid piece of work that I see huge potential in, I am really interested in seeing the development of 15,000 guns.
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you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad that you enjoy the same parts about this record that i do! the absurd ramblings over such chaotic noisey prog rock amalgamations could bring a tear to my eye, it is almost tailored specifically to my tastes.

Originally Posted by piss View Post
There are also moments in the arrangement that felt outta whack, even for an avant-prog album, which breaks otherwise remarkable instrumental passages.

15,000 guns are TOO PROG... asked to leave blunt rotation. in all seriousness im surprised to hear you didn't like those parts, one of my favorite parts of 15k is how effortlessly they can break a song apart like that and then just put themself back together like nothing happened, seriously some of my favorite moments by them.

Originally Posted by piss View Post
I am really interested in seeing the development of 15,000 guns.

they're currently on hiatus unfortunately because the drummer moved for college though i don't doubt we will get something again within the next few years.


its been a good half month into january, and more importantly 2023! i haven't really been listening to a whole lot until this past week. i'm excited to get into this post so im gonna go straight into the stuff i've heard in 2023!

1st thing i heard this year: Come In, Weatherday.

i listened to this album on the first of january with my boyfriend, he had already heard it and wanted to show it to me. it's high rating and popularity made me think that it was going to be some technical masterpiece, though i don't really think thats the case. Come In is a very cute album that gives me the homemade vibes, which is exactly the case, though i couldn't find anywhere the artist's age i can only assume they're close to my age which inspired me. seems like im not the only one making music for fun, and you can definitely tell this came from a place of passion, but i did find a lot of the tracks to be largely forgettable. that might be solved with a few more relistens though its not high on my list to come back to unfortunately. the positives i do have to say about this are very high though, as the guitar tones, and the production in general is incredibly creative, and 13 minute long My Sputnik Sweetheart is an amazing song that definitely deserves a listen.

additional thoughts via: RYM

2nd thing i heard this year: 鏡中鏡 Mirror in Mirror, Skip Skip Ben Ben

only took two listens to get to girlboss rock... on january 2nd i stumbled on this album, a noise pop album from taiwan? and they can let it rock? i just had to merge without looking... in all seriousness this is an album i respect a lot, inspired by the more jangly vibe of 90s american pop music but with the guitar tones of a late 2000s shoegaze band it creates a vibe that is familiar in an unfamiliar way. the lazy vocals, the constant use of the crash, the heavy bass, and the roaring guitars lower in the mix all accompanied by bubbly cheery piano licks come together to make this incredibly creative atmosphere of jumpy, repetitive, and strangely catchy songs that oddly enough unironically make me want to merge without looking. hair in the wind, fuck it! girlboss rock.

additional thoughts via: RYM

3rd thing i heard this year: Rodeo, Travis Scott

okay so there's this guy named ancient right, and he made me listen to this album with him. he had already shown me 90210 off this release, and i thoroughly enjoyed it, so i thought it might be fun to get out of my comfort zone, and listen to this record, and i'm very very glad i did. this album feels like being trapped in a night club at 3 am. its hard for me to share my thoughts on this album because of how much of a blur it was, in a really good way! every beat is incredibly atmospheric and each song flows well into the next. certain songs like 90210, and 3500 have such unique structure for a trap album. on top of all this the album feels incredibly personal while still maintaining that larger than life feeling. unfortunately i don't think he'll ever top it, which sucks but what can you really do, its still an amazing album.

additional thoughts via: RYM

4th thing i heard this year: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Truck Stop Love

no. no. no. no. no. no. no. this album is horrible. its just grading, and boring 90s grunge with a strange southern country music vibe to it, and i hate it. there is only one good song on this album and its the incredibly cute midwest emo sounding Other Stars, the rest is horrible do not listen. i dont want to talk about this anymore and i wont its my thread i do what i want.

additional thoughts via: RYM

5th thing i heard this year: OK, Blue Smiley

blue smiley. this is another kindof boring one unfortunately, but fear not! there are significantly more good songs on this project to talk about than the last one, being 3. my favorite being the incredibly catchy and adorable: flower, with its fuzzy tone, and very catchy lazy vocals i knew i had to wait to listen to the whole album to hear it in full with my boyfriend. the tones on the whole album are really good though in the latter half the songwriting gets pretty boring, and uninteresting. an incredibly short project only being 18 minutes long, with the longest song being 2 minutes and 50 seconds. i guess it wasn't that big of a waste of my time? the other two songs i enjoyed off this project were demon, and warn. so if you wanna hear some incredibly short shoegaze tracks go check those out. otherwise this is an incredibly disappointing little album.

additional thoughts via: RYM

the 6th thing i heard this year: Floating Coffin, Thee Oh Sees

i'm jumping. i'm jumping up and down. this is an incredibly fun noise rock, psychedelic, fuzzy album that put me in a trance the first time i heard it. the personality on this is nearly unrivaled in the modern psychedelic scene. the production on this album is absolutely gigantic, toe cutter - thumb buster sounds huge, an amazing tone i haven't heard anywhere else. combined with the unique vocals from john dwyer makes this truly a one of a kind thing, at least for this band as they have quite a few albums. i'm excited to dig more into their discography. oh, also i should mention that my boyfriend also showed me this album.

additional thoughts via: RYM

the 7th thing i heard this year: In the Club, T-Dub

no one alive can describe the magic of this ep, go listen to it right now. this is also my 600th rating on RYM.

additional thoughts via: RYM

the 8th thing i heard this year: Dreamglow, Asian Glow & Sonhos Tomam Conta

this is an album i was incredibly excited to listen to, as i've been a fan of sonhos tomam conta for a long time. when i found out it was gonna be a blackgaze album i was like this:

what i was like

the black metal vocals from sonhos tomam conta combined with asian glow's incredibly catchy singing over a beautifully confusing array of echoing guitars, and synths. i was very delightfully surprised to hear asian glow do some screaming vocals on this album, they're incredibly passionate, and add to the incredibly dense sludge of hypnotic blackgaze. being one of my personal favorite genres i have to say that this is the best album from the genre i've heard since 2020's black line by respire. if you're unfamiliar with the genre go listen to hangthemall on this project its an amazing song. this is also my album of the year so far! being the only album i've heard from 2023, though despite being there by default i don't think it will be going anywhere soon.

additional thoughts via: RYM

the 9th thing i listened to this year: Astroworld, Travis Scott

if your name is ancient i advice you do not read this part. astroworld is the most disappointed i have ever been listening to an album. after the very coherent work of art:rodeo i was expecting big things from travis scott on this one. unfortunately this album is nothing compared to rodeo. the cohesion is completely gone, the personality is gone, the personal attachment is gone, and i'm mad about it! this doesn't feel like a complete project it feels like a grab bag of random songs he had laying around. i have more songs i took away from this album than i did from rodeo but thats absolutely not a compliment, for rodeo i was so absorbed in the quality of the project as a whole as an art piece it was incredibly difficult for me to take moments from it, as for astroworld i was praying after every track for something of quality. not one of my highlights from this album is anywhere near my least favorite track on rodeo, i think i'd rather listen to how i spent my summer vacation. its all incredibly safe, lifeless, corporate, and bland. on multiple occasions i thought i recognized a song only for it to just be different boring radio filler song that i was thinking of. there are 2 things i can say good about this album. the dj screw homage is amazing, and that song is really really good, and the beastie boys sample in the beat of carousel was really cool to hear, the song itself is okay. this was agonizing to sit through and i'm surprised i gave it a 2.5 because looking back at even the songs that stuck out to me is giving me pain.

additional thoughts via: RYM

the 10th thing i heard this year: Delaware, Drop Nineteens

this is an incredibly lame way to end this section of my post, but this album is very boring. its a shoegaze album from the early 90s so it was a toss up going into it. i've been listening to the song kick the tragedy on this album for a few years, and finally thought it was time to listen to it. don't make my mistake just listen to kick the tragedy in ignorant bliss its an amazing song definitely in my top 5 for the entire genre easily. awesome cover also its a shame it SUCKS!!

additional thoughts via: RYM



the rating and the rankings



frank ocean: nostalgia, ultra & blonde. (contemporary rnb)
unmanned ship: no more digital blood. (noise rock)
stevie wonder: songs in the key of life (soul)
japan: gentlemen take polaroids (art pop)
dabu: dwarf fortress original soundtrack (dark folk)
sadness & a rose dying in the rain: daydream flowers (blackgaze)
공중도둑: 무너지기 (neo-psychadelia)
lightning bolt: wonderful rainbow & hypermagic mountain (noise rock)
freestyle fellowship: innercity griots (west coast hip hop)
ask my bull: creature (prog rock)


i released this little song that i made during the week before my album released, it was fun to make! thats all i have to say abt this really lol.


this post took me 2 hours to make so if u give a shit abt music in the slightest i'd appreciate if u checked some of this out or come talk to me about this it'd make my day. k i'm gonna go do something else with my time now take care everyone!
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recently my boyfriend was asking me some questions abt coloured vinyl so i decided to take a picture of every single coloured record i own and i never put them anywhere else so here u go enjoy these pictures

last night i experienced a life changing album.

Elliot Smith's self titled album.

I heard Needle In The Hay watching a movie the other night with my boyfriend. I knew that i knew this song from somewhere though nothing had every clicked with me then, but something about that moment maybe it had to do with my boyfriend being there, or the movie itself, whatever it was it inspired me to listen to the whole album. Everything about this album is amazing, from the recording quality, the production, the vocals, the emotions, the lyrics, the guitar work, Elliot's voice, all of it comes together into this beautiful short personal expression from someone nobody alive would ever think to question the authenticity of. In of itself all the things i listed would already make it one of my favorites of all time, but on top of everything its all so catchy. Every song unfolds so naturally with such beautiful progressions, and vocal melodies that are unforgettable from an earworm perspective, and an emotional perspective. This album absolutely broke me, i have naturally very dry eyes so its very hard for me to cry, and this listen was the closest i have been to crying in a long time, even longer crying to art. Giles Corey makes me feel a similar way, i find comfort in horribly depressed art like this. It almost feels like a hug from a loved one, a worse off loved one who has their own problems you can relate to. While it would be very difficult for me to talk about each and every song without repeating myself, St. Ides Heaven is too much not to talk about. His vocals on this song specifically are haunting, his playing in this song from the intro walks this crescendo into an unexpected but amazing triumphant melody i wish lasted a million years that collapses into a jaw dropping vocal moment. The playing walks again away from the climax, and begins to climb again but fizzles out in a way that isn't unsatisfying in any way. I don't yet have an interpretation on what the lyrics could mean, but i adore the way everything is phrased. Listening to it back i still feel that pulp form in my throat, and i can feel myself frown in the most comforting way. I wish i had the intellect to describe just how i feel about this album, but if it helps drive it home this is the first album i have gave a 5/5 on rym during the first listen in 2 years, and this is my 12th 5/5 ever out of over 600 ratings now. I seriously adore this album despite only having heard it all the way through twice now, and i already have so much emotional attachment to it. I couldn't recommend this more to anyone.


Hypermagic Mountain, Lightning Bolt

This album sounds like a washing machine perfectly synced by the most absurdely complicated drums predicting every random movement the washing machine makes, except replace the washing machine with the absolute most gigantic fucking bass tone ever. Unhinged, feral, and relentless, Lightning Bolt will demonstrate their pure power in every single one of their songs, every single one makes me feel like i'm having the best panic attack ever. The impeccable bass playing from Brian Gibson is in complete control. Dominating every song with everything from overpowering thuds of electricity, to random noises, and ambience on Infinity Farm. Working in tandem with the Brian Chippendale's absurd from a robot standards, and vocals that sound like they're coming from a mic from 1953. This whole album is a wild ride that will keep you on your toes every single second.

updated the resolution of my topster to make all the 5/5s be nice and tidy
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