this parkour shit get serious
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<Kurokaen>He's so damn friendly except for when he thrusts his foot into your face.
YES we got a new homie and enough for a replay review I'll keep you guys posted <3 ;o
'Haku is my lenshu senpai uwu' ~ Static
sorry for the delay been quite busy, ill probably stream it this weekend ill keep you guys up to date <3
'Haku is my lenshu senpai uwu' ~ Static
semi creative toribash jank
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Nomad Moderated Message:
Be more straightforward with your uplifting messages or I'll fucking skin you alive.
Replay Review will be this thursday around 3:00 PM est unless i oversleep then i will let you know <3 sorry for the delay qt's
'Haku is my lenshu senpai uwu' ~ Static