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Eid Al-Adha Giveaway
Hello Everyone this is Style Here,And Welcome To My Giveaway as to Celebrate Eid Al-Adha.This game and community has given me so much now its time for me to give back

•One Person Only Gets To Pick 1 Item Only From My Deactivated ( One Item Each Person )
•No Alternate Accounts Just To Receive Another One
•Please Be Specific On What You Want
•Few Items Are Off Limits (Cat Ears,Jiyu Dread,Aphrodite Flame[Rare] And WC Cards
•If the Item is in A Set/Pack,Just Pick One From The Set/Pack

Any Question You Can Contact Me On Discord ( styletb ) Or Pm me Through Forums

Events Starts Today And Will End On 1st Of July
Surprise me

Also eid mubarak Style
"0h no" -Trice
A.K.A Tricerafi || Thanks Papa Donut, bless you
man if u still doing this i'd like whatever u want to give me :3 but..... if possible i'd love a pair of ninja socks lmao