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yass <3
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Originally Posted by Kirito View Post
most drugs are cool theres quite a few that are not cool at all

heroin, meth, crack, etc are not cool

psychedelics and hallucinogens are cool

dissociatives are kinda yuck

do you mean synthetic drugs bad natural ones good?
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I must say that drugs are a life divider, being legal or not, the day you try it, your life will change, I advise you not to try it
Originally Posted by controla View Post
drugs are the most cool because if you have enough of them then you can do like irl toribash marketing and make irl tc to spend on things

i MUST aquire real life toricoins with my real life organic cucumbers
arent a drugs where a man in a big trenchcoat and sunglasses opens the coat and he has a bunch of colorful pills and hes like "heh... hey kid, this shit gonna get you zorked off your gourd"
I like caffeine and alcohol. How bout dat
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