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Async game play / pbp in ressence | next/mobile
Ive been thinking what would be a manageble way to play toribash in short bursts on the go, during commute to work for example,

Without too drastic changes of game play (turning the whole thing into mini bash)


You are matched to an opponent

Physics is simulate on your device, You make your move, joints are saved server side and pushed to your opponent

Opponent gets a notification that you made your move (Space) and the game is waiting for him to make a move

He commits his move, and the Physics is resolved on his device

Game sends a notification that turn is resolved and you can send your next move

And it goes on like that
Reaction time can be implemented like 30 minutes No move is sent - the game progresses as he Space and you recieve notification, you chech the game and Physics is resolved on your end

If both are spaced then game Space it anyway, to ensure matches are enable and would not last infinity

Also, some server side resolution can be added that if match is abandoned by both of players for more than x hours/days, then replay data is resolved by score or Physics is run on server (probably a good ddos idea)

But yeah, i think this sort of timing will allow for much more players to play/return to the game

And focus monetization on customizeable stuff as usual
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basically daily chess, i like this, idk how many ppl would participate in it tho, a while back they had a separate section to play ranked and you would be matched with an opponent from the menu, nobody ever really used it alot to my knowledge, most ppl will skip to the mp lobby menu and join a server, i rlly do support this idea though, allowing ppl to play with longer reaction times(like 30mins to hours) will help alooooot with improving or even just strategizing outside of sparring n shit, this would be rlly good for fights, itd just be challenging to make it worth the time and effort cuz the playerbase is so small and stuck in their ways
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Reaction time 30 minutes or hours doesnt mean that you are spending that time thinking about your moves or whatever, its just a time limit for your response

Daily chess is a great example of this concept!
Think of this as a distracted toribash

You get notification on Phone that you need to make a move, and you have a time limit to do respond

You finish reading/doing what you do

You send a move

And you continue doing whatever you do, untill you get a next notification, and you have a time limit long enough that its convinient

Game may progress much faster if both players are active at the same time, but its not required to be actively engaged to play

I contrast to lets say league mobile, where you have to be actively present and glued to match, and cant play it in between any other activities
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tell me about aikido
~referencing Dark Souls in suicidal threads since 13/01/15