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The replay makers' replays.
The most important thread of them all You must rate the replay above you! Or else you will die!
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I think we should have a system where we gotta comment rate the above person's replay and then post our own. Perhaps the replay limit per post could be 3. This way, people's replays will actually get commented.
Sort of like 'rate the replay above you' kinda thing?
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Also a few I made like a week ago.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!
running circles was most epic of those and other ones were epic too

so heres few madmans from me
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jizzy exminimadmanmadman.rpl (178.2 KB, 114 views)
jizzy madman10.rpl (112.5 KB, 73 views)
jizzy madmancomp.rpl (159.3 KB, 66 views)
[duck] 01101000 01101001 01110000 01101111 01110100 01101001 01100010 01101111 01110010
Gah. I dont fell like im improving xD

EDIT- Juhizz- I like the first one best. The second one was really nice and quick. But the third one i think you should have gone back and demolished the legs =D
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Boomer - Omg suckage.rpl (162.3 KB, 101 views)
<apple> Fine, I love you in the gayest of ways.
The first kick was pretty nice. The decap was pretty ordinary though. And the hip DM flowed well too.
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DJ3hitcombo5-I'dTapThat.rpl (126.4 KB, 79 views)
DJmadman28-That'sWhatSheSaid.rpl (148.4 KB, 60 views)
A few replays ive made reciently
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1111Newsplit.rpl (49.6 KB, 56 views)
1111Madman2.rpl (203.6 KB, 71 views)
1111cube out.rpl (98.5 KB, 48 views)
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