Heh this is cool I joined right before you guys became official lol
<apple> Fine, I love you in the gayest of ways.
I believe starrzz said he was, mood-dependant replay maker
[RelaxAll]Nikelaos:Kickass is chained to this clan with indestructible shackles, his balls are also superglued to the chair.

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"IceShadow-Whisky Soaked Replay Maker"

Thar you go

Does that mean we get to set you on fire?
Hur Hur Updated.

Ill wait for starrzz to post on here to confirm the name before I add it :V
5:13 PM - vasp: everybody's nuts is so good
[00:18:38] <&vespesi3n> you should see when i swallow
[21:49:37] <&vespesi3n> >my mouth when
[21:49:43] <&vespesi3n> >my tastebuds when
I find your lack of NutHug disturbing.
[02:19] <Dr_Strangelove> nearly 3 hours of nobody saying a word
[02:19] * Tamer0 is now known as TamerAfk
[02:19] <Dr_Strangelove> gg toribash
[02:19] <+hampa> gg
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I find your lack of NutHug disturbing.

He'll have to come over and apply then won't he?