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I wonder if I got picked by icky again after I namechange
[RAWR]SlipAnc: two girls, one Siku
[RAWR]Siku: I was talking about having dicks in my mouth
Lion always was my favorite animal since I was a kid, but people were relating that to "the King of the Jungle" complex that I possibly could have. I never liked people seeing me as someone with that much pride, then I changed to lion cubs (lionet).

And also it is a constelation, in my language it's something like "Minor Lion" but it's actually translated to Lionet
<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills

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I steal my brother's ingame nickname and cut some part of it cos I am not creative but he is
"0h no" -Trice
A.K.A Tricerafi || Thanks Papa Donut, bless you
The name was a stupid combination of words: Mummyking. Then got a name change to Mummy cause I thought it worked better. kinda wish I kept it though..
l l Fuck Aurarian l l
I thought the name slayer500 was cool for like a week. i was a kid. decided i wanted to change it to one of my top 5 movies and did
Blood floats on Blood.
Cat+Katana I like both of these things and if you add a c to katana it still can sound like katana but also have cat
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very cool

Fuckin fake person

these fam are unforgettable for sure

Aegis | jdawg2001 | rawrneru | Manta | DarkDranz | Trice | Raiken

Aeon - RAM - Liquor

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When I was in elementary school I drew comics with my friends, and our original characters in these comics had names that were slight alterations of our real names. My real name is Devin, and through some creativity I came up with Shmevin. This name ended up sticking because around the same time I registered an account with Toribash and Gaia Online with this name as my username, and I've been using it for game accounts ever since then.

You got a cool username. It is the best username I've seen.

Euck is like fuck, but with an E. Its short and sweet. How a username should be.