Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Thank you so much!.

Well, i was bored and went to do a parkour, i saw the replay was getting too horrible and lost motivation in the middle of it, theres what it was looking like»
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Gustavo - CJ.rpl (435.6 KB, 5 views)
oblivionparkour1.tbm (1.8 KB, 5 views)
Bro if u think that is horrible u should see my replays.
to be honest i liked all the replays something that i like is tricking thing idk to do very good
your movements look smooth transitions are good and yeah idk what else to say
if u want my discord for some help and everything
I Love Traps <3
hello, i did these replays cuz i was bored, yes they are so bad so don't take them so serious xd
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fusiji.rpl (203.1 KB, 8 views)
my life is going down.rpl (317.0 KB, 10 views)
sakpom.rpl (446.7 KB, 13 views)
sukubuki.rpl (278.4 KB, 9 views)
All the replays you have listed are unique and they are pretty good. with other replay makers, I have never seen replays with a style such as yours.
Thank you so much!, I made this breakdance battle, didn't put much effort in it but probs i'll do it in the next replay, and also

Who do you think that won?..

edit: there it goes my man Flex!, now it's a battle with bboy Snake!, let's see who wins!..
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Bboybattle Flex Vs Grenade.rpl (1.08 MB, 2 views)
(BboyBattle) Flex vs Snake.rpl (1.14 MB, 3 views)
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