Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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(EternalC) Eternal Chaos

-You will be respectful to other people that are posting in this thread or you will be kicked out of the clan/kicked from the thread.

-Scamming somebody will result in a kick and blacklist from the clan. If the scam is resolved and you are not guilty, you will be invited back in.

-I do not really have any punishment for this one, but I would appreciate it if you would post here a couple times a week if you are in the clan. May be put under inactive rank if not posted.

-Resulting in multiple 'spamming' or 'flaming' on this thread, will result in a PM asking to stop. If you do not stop, you will be asked to leave the thread and any further posts will be reported.

-JOKING has a limit. Any insults/insulting jokes that offend somebody will result in a PM asking to stop. Do not be mean, treat other people like you would want yourself to be treated.

Any usless or unrelated posts will be removed.

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