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Akido isnt a quick Qi or TC mod, its a game of skill. Using these move can take away that skill.

I agree with this.

I don't mind shovelers, but I do get ticked off when people bet lots of money on them and win.
Sure, I'm a sore loser, but if you are going to shovel, keep it out of the betting rooms.
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Would you mind if I used the replays you provided in the main post? They're all very accurate.

Go right ahead. That's why I posted them, ya know?

I'll post some more stuff soon, maybe some counters to these shovels and such.
Shoveling is a tactic, not a "Noob move", simply a tactic to use during a match, it may be unfair, but it still puts its user in a better area then they were when they started.
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Shoveling is a tactic, not a "Noob move", simply a tactic to use during a match, it may be unfair, but it still puts its user in a better area then they were when they started.

Shoveling is a strategy used by poopyheads ;P who either struggle to win any other way or is so obsessed with winning that they refuse to risk using skill.
...It's funny how people say that you get hated if you use shovel.
Well, I've been using shovels the entire time in Toribash, and I have had minimal complaints about it.
Maybe it's because I don't just lower my arms? Maybe it's because I almost every match make a new shovel move?


Stop whining about someone using shovels, for fuck's sake.
Seriously. If it annoys you so much, then learn to fucking counter it. It's very easy if you think about it.
The purpose of Aikido is to get your opponent outside of the ring, which shovel does quite well. It's as if you are saying "stop doing that what is the purpose of Aikido!"
When you complain about someone using a good move against you, it only makes you look like a noob.
It's like poor sportmanships... Someone is better than you and you start to complain about "unfairness".
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Actually, according to wikipedia (I can't believe I'm citing this),

"Aikido is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. This requires very little physical energy, as the aikidōka (aikido practitioner) "leads" the attacker's momentum using entering and turning movements. The techniques are completed with various throws or joint locks.[3] Aikido can be categorized under the general umbrella of grappling arts."

So the purpose of aikido isn't to toss someone out of the ring, but rather to use their current momentum and redirect it against them. So the counter for the shovel is the purpose of aikido when you really think about it.

e.g. Steven Seagal practiced Aikido. Here it is in action:
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Well, shovel does the real thing. It shovels up the player and throws him over the dojo.
Ok, so I tried a counter against this common shoveler who had a 6 streak, everyone was asking him to stop shovelling, calling him noob and some things that even I wouldn't say.

When it was my turn, I countered his shovel in the second turn, here is what it turned out like (no replay, only description):

He twisted me around and lifted me up, I grabbed his leg and brung it towards me, I un-grabbed and his leg fractured, he then un-grabbed both hands and I did the same.
He flew out the ring, but before he DQ'ed, he rage quit >.<.

So it isn't hard to counter, I used my normal move.
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nice just for begginers
EDIT:yeah castra
any 3rd dan blackbelt counters shovel

untrue. belt means nothing these days.